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Welcome to the anti spam section. Here you will find the latest news, white papers, and a number of essential links to help all Exchange administrators combat spam on their servers. This section also contains the exclusive Server Based Anti Spam Comparison Chart, a comprehensive comparison of eight of the leading anti spam products for Exchange Server.

Choosing the right software

In the past, when spam mail was in its infancy, simply setting up certain keyword rules on your users' email client would usually do the trick to block unsolicited mail - or you just wouldn't bother since a few sporadic messages never caused too much trouble. However, now that over 75% of Internet email consists of spam, a more complete and realistic solution is required. As a network administrator, you are faced with two options; a 'Client-Based Solution' or a 'Server Based Solution'. We would strongly recommend server based software: this installs at the gateway, centralizing all spam management configuration and filtering out spam before it reaches your mail server or Exchange message store, as opposed to a client-based approach which would require constant updating of client configurations.

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With the multitude of antispam solutions for Exchange, choosing the one that's suited to your network's present and future needs is no simple task. That's why we have prepared this feature comparison in which eight of the leading vendors of antispam solutions have participated. By comparing the features of these solutions side by side, you should be able to get a clearer picture of which solution is the best overall and which one will provide you with the best value for money, ensuring that the solution that you eventually pursue turns out to be the right one.

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The chart was last updated on May 16, 2012

Readers' Choice Award - Preferred Anti Spam Solution for Exchange Server conducts yearly polls, as part of its monthly Readers' Choice Awards, to determine which third party anti spam solution for Microsoft Exchange is preferred by visitors. GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP has been presented with the Reader's Choice Award within the anti spam category for the last two years running. The Reader's Choice Award serves as a seal of approval by Exchange administrators, making it the most trustworthy endorsement of a product's quality and reliability.

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Latest Spam News

  • Baltimore Governor’s Email Mostly Spam 27 March 2015 Sue Walsh

    <p>After the Baltimore Sun requested email correspondence between former Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in the weeks surrounding the last election, a hard drive containing over 500,000&#8230;<a class="read-more" href="">read more &#8594;</a></p> <p>The post ...

  • New Spam Campaign Uses DMARC 20 March 2015 Sue Walsh

    <p>A new malicious spam campaign distributing TorrentLocker ransomware has been detected and researchers say it’s using DMARC. DMARC enhances DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). DKIM&#8230;<a class="read-more" href="">read more &#8594;</a></p> <p>The post ...

  • Massive Spam Scheme Nets Over 1 Billion Email Addresses 13 March 2015 Sue Walsh

    <p>Three people were indicted on computer and wire fraud, and money laundering charges, in a Georgia courtroom in an operation the acting U.S. attorney called one of the largest data&#8230;<a class="read-more" href="">read more &#8594;</a></p> <p>The post ...

  • Internet-Connected Refrigerator Turned Into Spam bot 12 March 2015 Sue Walsh

    <p>An internet-connected refrigerator was discovered to be part of a botnet and part of a spam campaign responsible for pumping out over 750,000 spam messages. These sort of occurrences may&#8230;<a class="read-more" href="">read more &#8594;</a></p> <p>The post ...

  • CASL Flexes its Muscles: CRTC Slaps $1 Million Spam Fine on Training Company 10 March 2015 Malcolm James

    <p>If you woke up today, poured yourself a tall, steaming mug of coffee, flipped on the TV and asked yourself the same question you ask yourself every day, then you’re&#8230;<a class="read-more" href="">read more &#8594;</a></p> <p>The post ...

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