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  1. Configure a Mobile Device Mailbox Policy for Exchange Server

    This article explains how to use mobile device mailbox policies to force mobile devices to comply with your organization’s security standards... Read More

  2. Under the hood: Microsoft Exchange 2016 deployment architecture

    Are you on board with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 yet? Released in the fourth quarter of 2015, Exchange 2016 brings with it significant changes in its deployment architecture. But before we get into these changes, let’s take a brief look at how the popular mail, calendar, and contacts service has evolved... Read More

  3. Moving On to Hosted Exchange? Keep this Checklist Handy

    Before the Exchange 2010 era, enterprises were not entirely convinced with the idea of Hosted Exchange... Read More

  4. HPE SecureMail Cloud Product Review

    Product: HPE SecureMail Cloud Standard Edition... Read More

  5. Removing domains in Office 365

    It may appear a simple process and usually it is, however there are some gotchas when removing domains from Office 365, we are going over a couple scenarios related to this process in this article... Read More

  6. The Evolution of Exchange Online Migrations (Part 3)

    In this article series, we will take a look at the evolution of Exchange Online migrations since the early BPOS days and up until today... Read More

  7. Product Review – MailStore Server 10

    MailStore Server 10 continues to be relevant in a world filled with large mailboxes in the cloud and user expectations for unlimited mailboxes, even within on-premises Exchange Server. In this review, I’ve been lucky enough take MailStore Server for a spin – testing against an on-premises environment and Office 365, and see if it really does make sense for small... Read More

  8. Removing an Exchange Server Mailbox from your environment

    The process to remove Exchange Server from an Exchange Organization on-premises... Read More

  9. Troubleshooting Mail Flow Issues in Exchange Server

    This article discusses some tools and general techniques for troubleshooting Exchange Server mail flow issues... Read More

  10. Product Review: SafeSend

    In this product review, we will be evaluating SafeSend (v4.1.29), a tool that claims to help avoid these situations and prevent the accidental emailing of confidential data outside a company’s domain, by detecting external recipients and attachments in outgoing emails or meeting invites... Read More

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