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  1. Exchange 2000 Diagnostics Logging

    Diagnostics logging might be a powerful tool, especially if you know something about the inner workings of Exchange. It can also be a time saver when talking to Microsoft support services that can analyze the information and help you in a time of need... Read More

  2. Accelerating the Exchange Server shut down process

    What do you do when your Exchange server takes a long time to shut down? Here is a short simple way to speed up your Exchange server shutting down... Read More

  3. Using Public Folders to Maximize Exchange Standard Edition Use

    Most small businesses rarely use their public folder. At most they share their company contact list there. It is ironic that these businesses can benefit most from using public folders... Read More

  4. Logging the SMTP Service

    SMTP logging can, at times, the key to troubleshooting many mail problems by providing valuable information regarding incoming mail. It can also be used for providing statistics on mail flow from the Internet. The following article describes the secrets of logging SMTP activities for troubleshooting and other purposes... Read More

  5. Configuring DNS for Exchange 2000

    Exchange 2000, internally, unlike traditional SMTP mail servers, does not rely on DNS MX records for mail delivery within the organization. Instead, it maintains a dynamic routing table used to transport mail around the Exchange organization. However, Exchange 2000 does depend on DNS for resolving host names, finding global catalog servers and finding other mail servers on the Internet. Also,... Read More

  6. Customizing OWA 2000 Using Segmentation

    With Exchange 2000 SP2 Microsoft added a feature, known as segmentation, that allows you to quite easily make some rather major changes to the appearance and functionality of OWA... Read More

  7. SMTP Virtual Server Uncovered

    Mastering the inner workings of Exchange 2000's SMTP service can be very useful when configuring servers to deal with mail problems such SPAM attacks and virus outbreaks. This article will provide some insight into better SMTP queue management to improve your ability to cope when your queues get swamped with spam and virus outbreaks... Read More

  8. Exchange 2000 Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP Mailboxes

    If you ever need to add Postmaster@IP And Abuse@IP addresses to your Exchange 2000 server, you will not be able to do so with ADUC. This article describes a way in which it can be done with ADSI Edit... Read More

  9. Changing the Display Order in the Exchange 2000 Address List

    In this article we will look at how we can modify the DisplayName field in Active Directory to use the LastName, FirstName format, this will then ensure that the Address Lists used by your users will be sorted by LastName... Read More

  10. Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 2: Understanding the Co-located SMTP Servers

    In the first part of this article on publishing the Exchange 2000 IMAP4 service, we went over the procedures required to make the IMAP4 service available to users on the Internet via ISA Server 2000 (ISA Server) Server Publishing Rules. In this, part 2, of our secure IMAP4 publishing series, we’ll go over the high level details required to understand... Read More

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