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  1. Put Your Exchange 2000 Mailbox On The Web With ADO

    This article explains one way of displaying your E2K mailbox on the Web. It's not a replacement for OWA by any means, but at least you can say you Did It Yourself... Read More

  2. Secure Exchange 2000 IMAP4 Service Publishing with ISA Server 2000 - Part 1: Securing Publishing of the IMAP4 Service

    Everyone knows that Exchange 2000 is the perfect mail server if you need to support thousands of users, but its also great if you have fewer than a hundred users. If you're running a small shop, you might want to save on bandwidth costs by using ISA Server and IMAP4 publishing. Publishing IMAP4 is great, but you need to do... Read More

  3. Connecting Outlook Web Access 5.5 To Exchange 2000

    Why on earth would anyone want to try to connect MS Exchange 5.5 Outlook Web Access (OWA for short) to an Exchange 2000 server? Well, quite a few people have tried and failed, so here's an experiment describing one possible solution... Read More

  4. Put your mailbox on the Web with CDO v1.21

    MS Exchange already comes with a nice Webmail facility called Outlook Web Access, so why would you want to make your own? Well, some people like to do these things just for the fun of it, and you may also learn something useful and interesting in the process... Read More

  5. Deleted Item Recovery and Deleted Mailbox Recovery

    This article describes how to use the Deleted Item Retension and Deleted Mailbox Retension feature in Exchange 2000... Read More

  6. Using a Public Folder as a Mailbox

    In this article we will look at how to use a Public Folder in Exchange 2000 to collect mail that can then be accessed by multiple users, this could be used for a Sales Department or Customer Service mailbox for example... Read More

  7. Backing up Exchange 2000 using Windows 2000 Backup

    This article explains the steps taken to backup your Exchange 2000 Information Store using the built-in Windows 2000 Backup program on your Exchange 2000 Server. It also explains the other information that should be backed up to ensure you can recover from a disaster... Read More

  8. Creating Resource Mailboxes in Exchange 2000

    This article describes the steps you need to take to create a Resource Mailbox in Exchange 2000, it also explains what your users need to do in order to utilize the Resource Mailbox correctly... Read More

  9. Using Public Folders to Hold Company Contacts

    This article describes how you can setup a Public Folder in Exchange 2000 to hold company contacts, it also explains how to set the permissions on the folder and how to allow users to access the folder like an address book... Read More

  10. Exchange 2000 Monitoring and Maintenance

    Monitoring system activity and server performance is a necessary part of preventive maintenance for the server running Exchange 2000 Server. Through monitoring, you obtain data that you can use to diagnose system problems, plan growth, and troubleshoot problems... Read More

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