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24 Mobility & Client Access 5 Nov. 2013
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26 Security & Message Hygiene 8 July 2013
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  1. Video: Managed Folders in Exchange Server 2007

    This video explains the process of configuring Managed folders in Exchange Server 2007... Read More

  2. VIDEO: Update-Safelist

    How to use update-safelist command in MSExchange Server 2007... Read More

  3. VIDEO: Creating managed folders - Part 2

    The second part of the series dealing with the creation of Managed Folders... Read More

  4. VIDEO: Creating managed folders - Part 1

    A guide to creating managed folders in Exchange 2007... Read More

  5. VIDEO: Registering Exchange Extensions for Security Configuration Wizard

    Registering Exchange extensions for the Security Configuration Wizard... Read More

  6. VIDEO: How to configure Outlook Anywhere to work with a wildcard certificate

    How to configure Outlook Anywhere to work with a wildcard certificate... Read More

  7. Video: Configuring and Managing Database Size Limit Settings for Exchange 2007 SP1

    How you can use the same registry entries as in Exchange 2003 SP2 to configure a limit, set a warning threshold, and set a warning interval... Read More

  8. Video: Exporting Mailbox Data to a PST File in Exchange 2007 SP1

    This video explains how you can export Mailbox data to a PST file using the enhanced Export-Mailbox cmdlet in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1... Read More

  9. Video: How to set the default language for OWA 2007

    How you can set the default language, thereby eliminating the request for first time users to choose a language, by using the Exchange Management Cmdlet Set-OwaVirtualdirectory... Read More

  10. Video: Manage Client Permissions on Public Folders using built-in PowerShell scripts

    An overview of various scripts included with Exchange 2007 SP1 that can be used to manage Client Permissions on Public Folders... Read More

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