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  1. How to use Transport Rules in Exchange Server 2007

    We would like to welcome Microsoft MVP Anderson Patricio to our team of authors as he presents his first article to readers. Exchange Server 2007 now allows for creation of transport rules at the organization level. This article will discuss how to create and use transport rules... Read More

  2. Installing Exchange 2007 (Part 1)

    Installing Exchange has been a pretty straightforward task; however there have been some changes in the install process for Exchange 2007. Part one of this series will cover the prerequisites required and preparation of Active Directory... Read More

  3. Introduction to Exchange 2007 Server Roles

    Exchange 2007 introduces a new concept to Exchange organizations, the concept of server roles. Similar to how a Windows server can host one or more roles, this type of configuration has been implemented in Exchange Server 2007... Read More

  4. A First Look at the New Exchange 2007 System Management Console

    In this article we’ll spend some time looking at the new improvements made to the Exchange System Manager, now known as the Exchange Management Console (EMC) in Exchange 2007... Read More

  5. Uncovering the New Outlook 2007 AutoDiscover Service

    A really interesting new feature in Exchange Server 2007 is the new AutoDiscover Service or more specifically Exchange Web Service, which among other things makes it much simpler and easier to configure the Outlook profiles in your Exchange 2007 organization... Read More

  6. Demystifying the Local Continuous Replication (LCR) feature

    In this article I’ll talk about what the Local Continuous Replication (formerly known as Local Continuous Backup) feature is all about, as well as show you how this feature is configured in Exchange Server 2007... Read More

  7. Explaining the Exchange 2007 Toolbox

    In this article I will give you some information about the Exchange Server 2007 Toolbox... Read More

  8. Exchange 12: The Monad-based Exchange Management Shell

    In this article I’ll explain what the new Exchange Management Shell included in Exchange 12 is all about, as well as provide you with plenty of examples, that show you why this new shell (which is based on Monad) is among the hottest improvements in Exchange 12... Read More

  9. Why 64-Bit Is Good For E12

    Recently Microsoft announced that the next generation of Exchange server, codename E12, would ship in a 64-bit version only. This article will explain what 64-bit is, the benefits of moving E12 to the x64 architecture and what to look for when purchasing new hardware so that it will support E12 when it RTMs... Read More

  10. Overview of E12 Features (Part 2)

    The release of E12 (possibly Exchange 2007 by the time it’s released) draws near and new details are revealed while others become clearer. Microsoft have made a lot of design blunders with Exchange 2000 and only relatively few of those were fixed with Exchange 2003. However, Microsoft is known for being able to learn from its mistakes and make the... Read More

  11. Overview of E12 Features

    Some insight into the promised features of the next Exchange version, E12... Read More

  12. Server Based Antispam Comparison

    With the multitude of antispam solutions for Exchange, choosing the one that's suited to your network's present and future needs is no simple task. That's why we have prepared this feature comparison in which eight of the leading vendors of antispam solutions have participated. By comparing the features of these solutions side by side, you should be able to get... Read More

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