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Henrik Walther is a respected writer with special focus on Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 solutions. He works as a Principal Architect/Consultant on engagements of all sizes and complexity and have close to two decades of experience in the IT business.

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Deeply experienced Principal Consultant/Architect, that have worked with Enterprise organizations of all sizes and complexity for close to two decades.  Prior to becoming an independent consultant (again), he was a Microsoft FTE for four years working as a Principal Consultant in Microsoft Services Denmark and later as a Principal FastTrack Engineer in EMEA. 

Before he joined Microsoft as an FTE back in 2012, he also worked as an independent consultant for 15 years. Henrik held the Exchange MVP award for eight years and in 2006, he became a Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange. During this time, he was also a contracted vendor (v-dash) working for several different teams at Microsoft Corp. in Redmond. He worked as contracted vendor (v-dash) for approximately four years. He assisted the User Education writer team in the Exchange Product group developing content for the core Exchange documentation on Microsoft TechNet as well as was responsible for building the Exchange TechNet Wiki. Moreover, he was on the team that did most of the Exchange 2007 related white papers for Microsoft IT Showcase and par of the v-team that created questions for the Exchange 2010 MCP exams. He also assisted the Exchange TAPs. 

Henrik has always had a passion for developing technical content and for this reason he wrote many white papers over the years and even a few books on Exchange. Now and then, he still reviews books written by other authors.

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Latest News

March 2007
My new book has just been released. You can read a sample chapter here on MSExchange.org.

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March 05 2006
Alright finally I have decided to start a blog here on MSExchange.org. There are several reasons behind this decision, some of you might be aware I’ve been blogging since 2002 (over at my Danish Exchange site - Exchange-faq.dk), back when blogging still was a very new concept. But since Denmark isn’t among the biggest countries in the world, I thought I would try to reach an even larger crowd by starting a blog in English here on MSExchange.org too.

The main purpose of this blog is to get even closer to all you readers of my articles, as well as all you Exchange admins who hang around and post interesting questions / issues on the message boards.

January 01 2006
Launch of the MSExchange.org newsletter. Subscribe today and don't miss a thing when it comes to the hottest Exchange information!

May 23 2004
My new book (Securing Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook Web Access) which covers the security minded aspects of Exchange 2003 and Outlook Web Access has finally been published. If you haven't already noticed chapter 5 from the book (Securing the Outlook Web Access Server) has been published here on MSExchange.org. You can read more about the book by following this link.

Get a copy of Securing Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook Web Access now!

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