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Join Anderson Patricio, Exchange MVP, as he blogs news, tips, downloads, and new KBs about Exchange Server and Windows PowerShell (aka Monad) technologies.

992 News 26 Jan. 2015
  1. Ask The Perf Guy: New Exchange 2013 Performance Guidance Available On TechNet

  2. The next chapter of Office on Windows

  3. Recommendations For Exchange ActiveSync Organisation Settings

  4. Still using Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server? Make your move soon!

  5. The Office for Android tablet preview expands

  6. IP Ranges Added to EOP

  7. Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Database

  8. New accessibility enhancements for Office Online

  9. Using an Azure VM as a DAG Witness Server

  10. Microsoft Virtual Academy - The Microsoft Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices Guidance

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