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Rui Silva's blog contains everything about Exchange and messaging in general, news, technical articles, and information about the new trends: mobility, unified messaging and PowerShell. With extensive Microsoft Exchange experience, since version 5.0, this blog contains his personal experiences and tips any email administrator should know in order to keep Exchange Server functioning as one of the best email messaging solutions on the market today.

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  1. The UC Architects Podcast: Episodes 38 & 39

    These are the latest "The UC Architects" podcasts... Read More

  2. Information Protection and Control (IPC) in Office 365 with Microsoft Rights Management service (RMS) whitepaper v1.2a

    Updated version of a previously published whitepaper... Read More

  3. Enabling Hybrid Cloud Today with Microsoft Technologies whitepaper

    This whitepaper has a whole chapter dedicated to hybrid Office 365. A must read!... Read More

  4. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.4.3 Update

    This update fixes critical issues... Read More

  5. Office 365 Accessibility Fact Sheet

    This is a fact sheet with details on Office 365 Accessibility offerings... Read More

  6. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Help - May 2014

    The latest version of the Exchange 2013 standalone help file is available to download... Read More

  7. Microsoft Rights Management service (RMS) whitepapers v1.1

    Version 1.1 of some previous published RMS whitepapers. Absolutely essential for the IT Pro!... Read More

  8. Test Lab Guide: Set Up a Directory Synchronization Server to Sync Users with Office 365 - June 2014

    This Test Lab Guide shows you how to set up directory synchronization to Office 365 with the Directory Synchronization (or Directory Sync) tool... Read More

  9. Empowering Employee Mobility with New World of Work

    Download this interesting document to learn about the "New World of Work"... Read More

  10. CRM 2013 for E-mail Router Installing Guide for use with CRM Online - Spring 2014

    Download instructions for installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 E-mail Router for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online... Read More

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