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Rui Silva's blog contains everything about Exchange and messaging in general, news, technical articles, and information about the new trends: mobility, unified messaging and PowerShell. With extensive Microsoft Exchange experience, since version 5.0, this blog contains his personal experiences and tips any email administrator should know in order to keep Exchange Server functioning as one of the best email messaging solutions on the market today.

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  1. Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook v3.0

    The Junk E-mail Reporting Tool lets you easily report misclassified e-mail to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis to help us improve the effectiveness of our e-mail protection technologies... Read More

  2. Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.1.2

    The Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) 2.1 provides a quick and easy way to analyze Microsoft Office programs for known configurations that cause problems. By downloading OffCAT.msi for OffCAT 2.1, you are hereby consenting to the installation of this program to analyze select Microsoft Office programs on your computer... Read More

  3. Office 2016 Help Files: Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers - January 2016

    This download contains files for and information about each of the control IDs for built-in UI commands and menu items in all applications that use the Office 2016 Fluent UI... Read More

  4. Active Directory Replication Status Tool v1.1

    The Active Directory Replication Status Tool (ADREPLSTATUS) analyzes the replication status for domain controllers in an Active Directory domain or forest... Read More

  5. Azure Active Directory Connect Health Agent v2.6.91.1512

    Install agent for Azure Active Directory Connect Health... Read More

  6. Microsoft Office 2016 Volume License Pack v16.0.4324.1002

    Volume license editions of Office 2016 client products require activation. This download enables IT administrators to set up a Key Management Service (KMS) or configure a domain for Active Directory-Based activation. Either of these volume activation methods can locally activate all Office 2016 clients connected to an organization’s network... Read More

  7. Microsoft Office 365 Mapping of Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Control Matrix 3.0.1

    Provides a detailed overview of how Office 365 maps to the security, privacy, compliance, and risk management controls defined in the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Control Matrix... Read More

  8. Active Directory from on-premises to the cloud – Azure AD whitepapers v2.26

    Identity management, provisioning, role management, and authentication are key services both on-premises and through the (hybrid) cloud. Unsurprisingly, identity becomes a service where identity “bridges” in the cloud talk to on-premises directories or the directories themselves move and/or are located in the cloud... Read More

  9. Exchange Online Migration - Advanced Scenario

    In this webinar we learn about the advanced migration from Exchange on-prem to Office 365. For Ex: Account-resource Forest Migration to Exchange Online, Exchange migration to Office 365 with Single Sign On, Multi-Forest Exchange migration to Office 365... Read More

  10. New tool: Policy Analyzer

    Policy Analyzer is a utility for analyzing and comparing sets of Group Policy Objects (GPOs). It can highlight when a set of Group Policies has redundant settings or internal inconsistencies, and can highlight the differences between versions or sets of Group Policies. It can also compare GPOs against current local policy settings and against local registry settings. And you can... Read More

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