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Written by Henrik Walther, the intention with this blog is to deliver the best content when it comes to information, news, tips and tweaks for the Microsoft Exchange Server product. There is a discussion on various aspects of Exchange administration and management with a very special focus on Exchange Server 2010.

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  1. Why does spam and phishing get through Office 365? And what can be done about it?

    As a filtering service, Office 365 (Exchange Online Protection, or EOP) is dedicated to providing the best antispam filtering possible, and we take this task seriously: •We are working hard to keep spam out of your inbox •We are working hard to ensure we don’t mistakenly mark good email as spam The question we regularly get from customers is this:... Read More

  2. Roles Based Access Control Service powered by Azure AD now in Preview!

    Howdy folks, On Tuesday we released the preview version of our new Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) Service in Azure. You can read more about it in ScottGu's blog post... Read More

  3. Success with Enterprise Mobility: Secure E-mail

    E-mail is one of the most critical applications for any organization. The amount of sensitive and confidential information that flows through e-mail is pretty amazing, and a company simply cannot operate at a high level without a mobile productive strategy... Read More

  4. Azure Rights Management Administration Tool released

    Azure Rights Management Administration Tool installs the Windows PowerShell module for Azure Rights Management. Azure Rights Management provides the ability to enable the use of digital rights management technology in organizations that subscribe to the Office 365 services. Office 365 customers can enable rights management capabilities for Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Office. These downloads enable an administrator to manage and... Read More

  5. OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 support in Azure Active Directory has GA’d!

    Howdy folks, Today Azure AD reaches an important milestone. I am excited to announce that OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 support in Azure Active Directory reached general availability!... Read More

  6. A moment of silence

    Yes it's with deep sadness, I post this. The Exchange world lost one of the great ones... A friend, an icon and extremely fun guy - Andrew Ehrensing... Read More

  7. Office 365 Deployment Center

    It's been underway for a while, but here it is!... Read More

  8. Azure AD: Under the hood of our geo-redundant, highly available, distributed cloud directory

    Howdy folks, Over the last 120 days as more and more enterprises learn about, evaluate and buy Azure Active Directory Premium, we've received a lot of questions about: •How the service architecture is designed •How it scales out •How we provide high availability •Where customer data resides... Read More

  9. Which email application is right for you: Outlook or Gmail?

    In case you are in doubt 😊... Read More

  10. Spam email and Office 365 environment - connection and content filtering in EOP

    In the last related blog post we gave some introduction about Exchange Online Protection (EOP), what needs to be done when EOP is not working as desired and spam email troubleshooting process and classification. In this blog we will be moving further and discussing some more advanced option to stop spam emails... Read More

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