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Last Updated on 28 Sept. 2006, Total: 25 Blog Posts

  1. How to Cheat at Configuring Exchange Server 2007

    It's no longer a secret I'm writing a book on Exchange Server 2007, you can even find information about this upcoming book on Just like my previous book this one too will be published by Syngress Publishing, and will be part of the successfull "How To Cheat at" series.   The book will be published shortly after Exchange Server... Read More

  2. The new Exchange 2007 Management Console overview

    Exchange 2007 introduces a completely updated GUI management console to replace the Exchange System Manager of previous versions. This new Exchange Management Console is still a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, just like the old version, and still uses standard GUI elements like a navigation tree, result pane, wizards, property pages, and dialogs. However significant improvements have been made to... Read More

  3. Firewall Timeouts and Direct Push

    Sami Khoury posted below tidbit on the MSExchangeTeam blog. Web servers, network security appliances, and system network stacks have a number of time-based thresholds that are intended to insulate these systems from buggy or malicious clients.  For example, a denial-of-service (DoS) attack could be mounted by failing to complete the handshake that is implicit in the creation of a TCP connection,... Read More

  4. Exchange 2007 ignite training

    I was lucky enough to get an invitation to the E12 Ignite Tour back in February, now it's time for the MCT's to get some E2K7 knowledge :) "I've just finished delivering 2 days of Exchange 2007 training to a group of Microsoft Certified Trainers from across Europe. It's called Exchange Ignite training (Ignite the interest / ignite the spark... Read More

  5. Exchange 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) BlogCast

    Now that Beta 2 of Exchange Server 2007 is available for public download and preview, I thought I would present a blogcast about one of my favorite features: Cluster Continuous Replication, or CCR for short. CCR is a high availability feature of Exchange 2007 that combines the asynchronous log shipping and replay features built into Exchange 2007 with the failover... Read More

  6. Exchange 2007 Readiness Check now available in ExBPA

    Along with the public release of Exchange 2007 Beta 2, we are today releasing an update to ExBPA v2.7 called the "Exchange 2007 Readiness Check". This is a new type of scan that you can run against your existing Exchange deployment. Its purpose is to provide a 'to do' list of changes and decisions that need to be made before... Read More

  7. Newsletter of July 2006

    Should you not have received the newsletter by email, you can find it online here in the newsletter archive. This time I talk about the new method used to route messages in Exchange Server 2007. Technorati :, newsletter :, newsletter... Read More

  8. Release Notes for Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 ready

    As most of you should be aware, Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 will be released later today. Until then you can start out by reading the Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 release notes, which are now available. Read them here. Technorati : Beta 2, Exchange Server 2007, Release Notes : Beta 2, Exchange Server 2007, Release Notes... Read More

  9. OWA attachment blocking and the drafts folder

    Below question was posted on the OWA 2003 board today, and quite frankly I wasn’t sure whether this issue could be fix with some kind of workaround or not. But I’ve just confirmed with an Exchange Program Manager, who says there’s currently nothing to do about. He forwarded the issue to the respective people on the Exchange team though. Dear All,... Read More

  10. DirectPush and WIFI connections

    One would think the new DirectPush technology (aka AUTD v2) were supported over a WIFI connection right? But unfortunately it isn’t so, it requires a cellular data connection such as GPRS, EDGE 3G etc. The reason behind this rather serious limitation is to be found at the device end. You see mobile devices with WIFI enabled cannot enter standby mode and receive notifications... Read More

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