Exchange Online Protection Service Description Updated

by Henrik Walther [Published on 28 Aug. 2013 / Last Updated on 28 Aug. 2013]

The Exchange Online Protection Service Description (short link: has been “upgraded” to a full service description, and now contains individual topics for the following feature areas:

  1. Recipient, Domain, and Company Management
  2. Messaging Policy and Compliance
  3. Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware Protection
  4. Mail Flow
  5. Reporting and Message Trace
  6. Administration and Management

The service description provides information about EOP features and their availability across the different subscription plans. Some of this information used to reside in the Exchange Online Protection Overview, which still includes general information about how EOP works but which now links off to the service description for more information about individual features, requirements, and important limits.

Until later,
Henrik Walther

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