Refresh certificate to ensure federated Free/Busy access details

by Henrik Walther [Published on 17 Jan. 2014 / Last Updated on 17 Jan. 2014]

The other day one of my customers experienced issues with free/busy lookups from Exchange Online to the on-premises Exchange environment.

The issue turned out to be related to Microsoft recently updated a certificate which requires on-premises Exchange deployments that have federated sharing configured to render the latest certificate version.

This only applies to hybrid deployments or cross-organizational deployments.

It turned out this particular environment hadn't picked up the change. So we had to refresh the certificate to ensure access to Free/Busy again worked as expected. We did this by running the following command in the on-premises Exchange environment.

Get-FederationTrust | Set-FederationTrust -RefreshMetadata

If you see a similar behaviour, I recommend you run the above command.

Until later,
Henrik Walther


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