Using OAuth Authentication eDiscovery in an Exchange Hybrid and for Partner Applications

by Henrik Walther [Published on 12 March 2014 / Last Updated on 12 March 2014]

To successfully perform cross-premises eDiscovery searches in an Exchange 2013 hybrid organization, you will have to configure OAuth (Open Authorization) authentication between your Exchange on-premises and Exchange Online organizations so that you can use In-Place eDiscovery to search on-premises and cloud-based mailboxes.

As as you probably noticed when Exchange 2013 SP1 was released a couple of weeks ago, we now support OAuth based Exchange hybrids. If not check out this TechNet page.

Well, now we have also released documentation on how to use OAuth to support eDiscovery in an Exchange hybrid scenario.

Moreover, Exchange Server 2013 allows other applications to use OAuth to authenticate to Exchange. This page shows you how to configure this for Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

See where this is heading? :)

Until later,
Henrik Walther

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