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  1. The NorthSeas Guard E/N

    The NorthSeas Guard E/N: Adds unlimited storage capacity to any mail server; Is an open solution that supports any e-mail application; Lets the customer decide what storage system to use as its repository; Provides both capture and retrieval functionality, and uses the existing customer e-mail system for both; Requires no third-party software or application integration... Read More

  2. MS Exchange Archive

    Designed from the outset to be installed and configured within a single day, the Archiving Appliance applies administrator-defined (and optionally user-defined) policies to automatically migrate older email from Exchange into an archive repository in a manner that is transparent to email users. The Fujitsu Services Archiving Appliance comprises a server and a network attached storage appliance with pre-integrated software from... Read More

  3. STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance

    The STORServer E-mail Archiving Appliance automatically captures E-mail messages and stores them as files in the STORServer. With the ability to search, list, view, and even “replay” (re deliver) archived messages directly back into a personal inbox, the STORServer automatically builds a confidential corporate message repository available to all users. Disaster Recovery copy of E-mail also provided every day. For... Read More

  4. Cryoserver

    Cryoserver is a forensic compliance system that makes an audit copy of every email sent to, from and around an organisation. It provides a permanent and tamper-evident repository suitable for legal and regulatory compliance and for providing emails in court with high evidential weight. Cryoserver is designed as a plug, play and walk away appliance - It can be added... Read More

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