Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancers

Last Updated on 25 Feb. 2016, Company: KEMP Technologies

Since 2000, KEMP Technologies has offered the perfect mix of high-performance load balancing solutions at an affordable price. KEMP LoadMasters are optimized for Microsoft applications and come with easy-to-use deployment guides and templates for Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, ADFS and RDS.

KEMP load balancers are designed specifically to address the availability & scalability demands of Exchange 2010 and 2013 deployments. All LoadMasters feature L4-7 load balancing & application-aware content switching, SSL termination, application health checking and secure application publishing capabilities.

KEMP's technical support staff has extensive experience configuring and supporting load balancing for Microsoft applications and LoadMasters include the first year of support. KEMP offer the widest variety of deployment options including hardware, virtual, cloud (available in the Azure marketplace) and software for bare metal install on common x86 platforms.


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