Database Size, WhiteSpace and Users in 2010

by Nuno Mota [Published on 14 March 2012 / Last Updated on 19 Feb. 2012]

While with Exchange 2007 it wasn’t straightforward or easy to get the size and the available whitespace of your Exchange databases, with 2010 is much easier! Now, the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet includes the -DatabaseSize parameter and the -AvailableNewMailboxSpace parameter which shows the whitespace available. So, all we have to do is run a script like this:


$DBs= Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | ? {$_.Mounted -eq$True} | SortName

ForEach ($dbin$DBs)



       $DBusers= ($db | Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Measure).Count



       Write-Host"$($db.Name), $DBusers, $DBsize, $DBWhiteSpace"


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