Finding users whom are not using the Default Storage Quotas

by Andy Grogan [Published on 20 Sept. 2011 / Last Updated on 20 Sept. 2011]

Most large Exchange 2010 (or 2007) environments have mailbox quotas set at the Database level so that ever user gets a consistent allocation. However overtime and for many different reasons, the database defaults can be bypassed and set at a user level from within the Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell. Such a situation can grow and leave Exchange administrators not knowing who in their databases are bypassing the rules.

There is a very simple way using the Exchange Management Shell that you can find these users and evaluate if they have a legitimate reason to not be subject to the Database limits.

Open an Exchange Management session and type in the following command:

get-mailbox | where {$_.UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults -ne $true}

Open You will be presented with an output similar to that below:

Name                      Alias                ServerName       ProhibitSendQuota

----                      -----                ----------       -----------------

DiscoverySearchMailbox... DiscoverySearchMa... prod-ex2010-01   50 GB (53,687,091,200 bytes)

Alannah.Shaw              Alannah.Shaw         prod-ex2010-01   unlimited

Almaz.Duggan              Almaz.Duggan         prod-ex2010-01   600 MB (629,145,600 bytes)

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