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Last Updated on 16 April 2014, Total: 15 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Public Folder permissions lost after Public Folder mailboxes are moved

    This tip explores an issue with Public Folder permissions when moving Public Folders in Exchange 2013... Read More

  2. Exchange 2013 Message Headers

    This tip describes the changes made to e-mail headers do to the architectural changes in Exchange 2013... Read More

  3. Exchange 2013 Message Tracking Report

    This tip explored the Get-MessageTrackingReport cmdlet cmdlet and how to use it to generate message tracking reports... Read More

  4. Exchange 2013 – Error Deleting Database

    This tip describes a common error when deleting databases in Exchange 2013 and how to overcome it... Read More

  5. Exchange 2013 “Please restart the Microsoft Information Store service”

    This tip explains why administrators receive the “please restart the Microsoft Information Store service” message when adding new mailbox databases in Exchange 2013... Read More

  6. Check Account Permissions to Mailboxes

    An easy way to check the permissions an account has to one or more mailboxes... Read More

  7. Exporting Queue Messages

    This tip shows how to properly export e-mail messages from Exchange Transport Queues... Read More

  8. Exchange 2013 Crimson Channel Event Logs

    This tips describes two important new logs that Exchange 2013 uses to log information... Read More

  9. PST Capture 2.0

    This tips introduces the new PST Capture Tool released by Microsoft that allow the capture and import of PST files into Exchange and Exchange Online... Read More

  10. Exchange Cmdlet History in Exchange 2010/2013

    This tip shows another way of checking which cmdlets have been ran through the Exchange Management Shell... Read More

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