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Last Updated on 15 July 2015, Total: 28 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. Create Folder on Users’ Mailboxes

    This tip explains how to create folders on other users' mailboxes... Read More

  2. Exchange 2013 Performance Health Checker Script

    This tip explains what the new "Exchange 2013 Performance Health Checker Script" does and how to run it... Read More

  3. Exchange Management Shell and Active Directory

    This tip explains how to change the scope of EMS when reading data from AD... Read More

  4. How to Convert a Distribution List into a Mailbox

    This tip explains how to convert a Distribution List into a Mailbox... Read More

  5. How to Change Exchange 2013 EAC Language

    This tip explains how to change the EAC's language in Exchange 2013... Read More

  6. Exchange Mailbox ForwardingSMTPAddress setting not working

    This tip explains why the ForwardingSMTPaddress mailbox setting might not sometimes work... Read More

  7. Clean-MailboxDatabase in Exchange 2013

    This tip explores the replacement for the Clean-MailboxDatabase cmdlet, Update-StoreMailboxState... Read More

  8. Exchange 2013 Servicing Model - Support for CU’s & SP’s

    This tip explains why CU4 is officially branded SP1... Read More

  9. Exchange server has failed to heartbeat error after uninstalling Exchange

    This tip explains how to overcome an error raised by a bug when uninstalling Exchange 2013... Read More

  10. Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Transport service stops and does not restart

    This tip explores an error that occurs with the Microsoft Exchange Transport service in a particular scenario and how to fix it... Read More

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