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  1. IdFix Remediation Tool – April 2015 Release

    This tip presents the new version of the IdFix tool... Read More

  2. New Connectors UI in Exchange Online

    Microsoft updated the interface to manage (inbound/outbound) connectors in Office 365... Read More

  3. Updating AADSync Scheduled Task

    This tip presents a possible error that occurs when the AADSync scheduled task is updated... Read More

  4. AADSync Performance Counters Error

    This tip explains how to fix the error related to AADSync's performance counters... Read More

  5. Export eDiscovery Search Results to PST

    This tip explains how to export eDiscovery searches in Exchange Online to PST... Read More

  6. Office 365 Compliance Center

    This tip presents the new Compliance Center in Office 365... Read More

  7. Dynamic Distribution Lists in a Hybrid Environment

    This tip explains how to overcome the fact that DirSync and AADSync do not synchronize Dynamic Distribution Lists... Read More

  8. Speeding up the Exchange Hybrid wizard in global deployments

    This tip helps speed up the Exchange Hybrid Wizard on global environments... Read More

  9. How to change AADSync credentials

    This tip explains how to update the credentials in AADSync... Read More

  10. Exchange Online Onboarding Message Size Limit Now 150 MB

    This tip explains the new onboarding message size limit in Exchange Online... Read More

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