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  1. DirSync Attributes Synced

    This tip presents the reader with a Wiki that details exactly which Active Directory attributes DirSync synchronizes... Read More

  2. Managing Lync Online and Exchange Online from the same PowerShell session

    This tip explains how to manage both Lync and Exchange Online from the same PowerShell session... Read More

  3. How to obtain an Exchange Hybrid Edition product key

    This tips explains the new method of obtaining an Exchange Hybrid key... Read More

  4. Office 365 IMAP Migration From Different Domain

    This tip describes a common problem with Exchange Online's IMAP migration and how to properly run this type of migration... Read More

  5. Message Trace Extended for 90 Days in Exchange Online

    This tip presents an enhancement made to message tracing in Exchange Online... Read More

  6. Office 365 Domain Limit

    This tips explores the new domain limit in Office 365... Read More

  7. High Volume of Event ID 6941 during DirSync Runs

    This tip explains why administrators might see a high volume of EventIDs 6941 when using DirSync... Read More

  8. Modifying a user’s group membership may impact Exchange hybrid

    This tip explores a possible issue with security group membership when running an Exchange Hybrid... Read More

  9. Installing DirSync on a Domain Controller

    This tip explores the installation of DirSync on a Domain Controller... Read More

  10. DirSync and Azure Active Directory Object Limits

    This tip discusses the default object limit of DirSync... Read More

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