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Last Updated on 23 July 2014, Total: 31 Knowledge Base Tips

30 Exchange Online 23 July 2014
  1. Modifying a user’s group membership may impact Exchange hybrid

    This tip explores a possible issue with security group membership when running an Exchange Hybrid... Read More

  2. Installing DirSync on a Domain Controller

    This tip explores the installation of DirSync on a Domain Controller... Read More

  3. DirSync and Azure Active Directory Object Limits

    This tip discusses the default object limit of DirSync... Read More

  4. Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

    This tip explores the recently introduced Multi-Factor Authentication feature in Office 365... Read More

  5. Exchange Hybrid Migration Endpoints

    This tips describes Exchange Remote migration endpoints in a Hybrid scenario... Read More

  6. Office 365 Mail Protection Reports

    This tips explores the Mail Protection Reports for Office 365... Read More

  7. Office 365 with Internet Explorer 8

    This tip describes the supportability of Internet Explorer 8 with Office 365... Read More

  8. Protect Confidential Information sent externally using Office 365 Message Encryption

    This KB article describes how to use Transport rules to detect and protect information... Read More

  9. Using Message Classifications in Exchange Online

    You can allow users to select message classifications via a drop-down list in Outlook, or Outlook Web App. This KB article describes how to create them and use them... Read More

  10. Office 365 Password Expiration

    This tip explains how to disable password expiration for accounts in Office 365... Read More

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