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  1. Remove a Domain from Office 365 – What to check for

    This tip explains what to check in Exchange Online when removing a domain in Office 365... Read More

  2. Attributes Synchronized to Azure AD by AADSync

    This tips shows what AD attributes get synchronized to Azure AD by AADSync... Read More

  3. DirSync vs AADSync

    This tips presents the differences between the DirSync and AADSync. tools... Read More

  4. AADSync ProxyAddresses Not Syncing to Office 365

    This tips explores a bug with AADSync v1.0.0419.0911 where the ProxyAddresses attribute does not get synchronized to Office 365... Read More

  5. Permissions lost after moving mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange Online in hybrid environment

    This tip explores a scenario when Exchange 2003 permissions are lost when migrating to Exchange Online in a hybrid environment... Read More

  6. msExchangeRecipientTypeDetails Active Directory Values

    This tip presents all the possible values for the msExchRecipientTypeDetails Active Directory attribute... Read More

  7. DirSync Attributes Synced

    This tip presents the reader with a Wiki that details exactly which Active Directory attributes DirSync synchronizes... Read More

  8. Managing Lync Online and Exchange Online from the same PowerShell session

    This tip explains how to manage both Lync and Exchange Online from the same PowerShell session... Read More

  9. How to obtain an Exchange Hybrid Edition product key

    This tips explains the new method of obtaining an Exchange Hybrid key... Read More

  10. Office 365 IMAP Migration From Different Domain

    This tip describes a common problem with Exchange Online's IMAP migration and how to properly run this type of migration... Read More

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