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Welcome to the MSExchange.org Migration Section. Here you will find the latest articles, news, white papers, and a number of essential links to help all Exchange administrators deal with email complexity and migration issues.

White Papers

Migrating to Office 365 - Learn how to strengthen Security, Compliance and Control

If you have Office 365 or are considering a move to Office 365, this Osterman Research report is essential reading. Based on detailed research it identifies the role that third party solutions can play in helping enterprise organizations get more from Office 365 – by enhancing security, compliance and control.

Migration to Exchange 2010: avoiding the pitfalls (Learning from the experience of others)

One of the world’s most successful and best known IT magazines, Computing, draws on IT decision maker research to offer a detailed and practical view of the challenges associated with migration to Exchange 2010 – and how to overcome them.

MSExchange.org Product Review - Gold Award

Product Review: Mimecast Unified Email Management

J. Peter Bruzzese takes a closer look at Mimecast's Unified Email Management (UEM) solution.

Latest Migration Blog Posts

  • Get Ready to Archive Everything 13 July 2012 Nathaniel Borenstein

    Philosophers debate the degree to which our lives are governed by the so-called "technological imperative," as described by Daniel Chandler: The doctrine of the technological imperative is that because a particular technology means that we can ...

  • Email Complexity and the March of Progress 22 Dec. 2011 Nathaniel Borenstein

    You don't need to go beyond a high school course in Physics to begin to understand the importance of entropy and complexity in everything from the fate of the cosmos to the smallest, most unimportant-seeming details ...

  • Easy Migration: An Added Benefit of Cloud-based Archiving 1 Dec. 2011 Nathaniel Borenstein

    Mimecast has been getting a lot of awards and recognition lately, and while I don't usually blog about such things, our latest award, for our Exchange Migration program, is worthy of some discussion. I'm often asked ...

  • Spam or Anonymity: We Don't Have to Choose 15 Nov. 2011 Nathaniel Borenstein

    With its new "Block 25" crackdown, South Korea has become the latest government to attack the spam problem with medicines worse than the disease. Unfortunately, while many may support this approach out of ignorance of the ...

  • Why is Email So Complicated? Reason # 501: Human Communication is Absurdly Complex! 3 Oct. 2011 Nathaniel Borenstein

    In this series of blog posts -- which started on the Mimecast site before migrating here -- I've been writing primarily about the technical complexities that make email a much more interesting business than it seems ...

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Migration Software Solutions

  • TransVault Migrator 6 Nov. 2013 TransVault

    Available through a global network of migration specialists and archive solution vendors, TransVault Migrator is a software application that enables fast and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services. TransVault Migrator securely transports ...

  • SMP for Public Folders 6 Nov. 2013 STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc.

    The StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Public Folders is a solution providing end-to-end assessment, analysis, and remediation of Public Folder infrastructures. Proven effective in the largest Public Folder environments, SMP's built-in workflow components and business intelligence ...

  • GALsync 18 Sept. 2013 NETsec GmbH & Co. KG

    GALsync's primary purpose is to synchronize address lists and objects between Active Directory environments thus making it easier for two different company's staff to communicate with each other. The tool accomplishes this by providing each organization ...

  • NetIQ Exchange Migrator 17 Sept. 2013 NetIQ Corporation

    NetIQ Exchange Migrator allows you to move Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, custom recipients and public folders from one organization or site to another. NetIQ Exchange Migrator retains calendar and public folder permissions and reconciles distribution list ...

  • Quest GroupWise Migrator for Exchange 17 Sept. 2013 Dell

    Ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2007/2010, Office 365 and hosted Exchange. GroupWise Migrator for Exchange mitigates the risk of downtime and data loss and eliminates the burden on your IT staff and help ...

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