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  1. 1&1 Hosted Exchange

    Microsoft Exchange Hosting from 1&1 lets you or your entire business reap the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, without the expense and hassle of maintaining your own Exchange Server! Features include: 1 GB e-mail storage space, Includes Outlook 2003, Outlook Web Access, Group functionality tools... Read More

  2. 123Together Hosted Exchange is a reliable, affordable and secure provider of hosted Exchange 2010 and hosted Exchange 2007 for your business email. Whether you have one employee, a hundred, or a thousand, we offer flexible solutions to fit your business needs. Our email offerings start at $6/mailbox/month for Outlook Web App only package. Larger companies that need their own server with advanced... Read More

  3. Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange

    Harness the power of your BlackBerry and hosted Exchange with hosted mobility services, and take your office with you wherever you go. Get true two-way wireless access for all your messaging data - anywhere, anytime right on your BlackBerry. We provide you with 99.999% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 live U.S.-based phone, email and live chat support, and you can manage... Read More

  4. Hosted Premium Spam Filtering Service

    Email is critical to the success of any business and the dramatic increase in spam, viruses, spyware and other threats can significantly decrease productivity and infect entire computer networks. With spam accounting for 85% of email traffic, the question is not if you will be affected but when. Safeguard your data with's hosted Premium Spam Filtering Service, powered by... Read More

  5. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archiving

    Need Archiving for compliance, litigation, or quick retrieval? We have the perfect solution for you. You can leverage this service with your in-house Exchange server or with a POP3/SMTP setup, without installing or managing any new hardware/software on your server. Archiving Features: Enterprise Level ASP Infrastructure; Archives incoming, outgoing, and internal e-mails to separate server; Available online for 3-11 years;... Read More

  6. 1st Contact Email Archiving with Integrated Continuity Services

    1st Contact Email's Archiving and Continuity Services are cloud-based and work in tandem with your Exchange server to provide true Email Archiving with fully integrated Email Continuity. Incoming email arrives at the 1st Contact email servers for initial processing prior to being relayed to your internal Exchange server. Emails and attachments are imaged, queued, indexed and retained in the Continuity... Read More


    ALTOSPAM is an external antispam and antivirus software on the cloud that makes it easy to protect from spams, viruses, scams and phishing. It allows companies owning at least one domain name to quickly and effectively secure its email servers and all emails accounts. ALTOSPAM combines 16 anti-spams technologies, 5 anti-viruses as well as other security services such as anti-relay,... Read More

  8. AXS-One Compliance Platform - Hosted Solution

    AXS-One Compliance Platform - Hosted Solution, delivers an archiving and electronic records management platform as a service, requiring no additional hardware and software expenses for your organization. The Hosted Solution delivers a solution to manage the lifecycle of your corporate records such as e-mail, e-mail attachments, instant messages, desktop documents and more. By automatically and securely managing the archiving, indexing,... Read More

  9. ActivatorMail

    ActivatorMail may be used as a frontline filter system for any standard email server such as Microsoft Exchange, Unix/Linux SendMail, or Lotus Notes. All that is required is to set your domain's DNS 'MX' (mail service) records to use ActivatorMail services. This simple change can be done by your Network Administrator or ISP and directs email addressed to you to... Read More

  10. AppRiver BlackBerry Service

    AppRiver offers an array of mobile device synchronization options, providing users with instant access to your email, contacts, tasks and shared calendars, improving business productivity. Our fully integrated service offers true wireless service 24/7/365, without the need for cradles or USB synchronization hardware connections. Keep your workforce connected anytime, anywhere with the device of your choice. BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides... Read More

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