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16 BlackBerry Hosting
42 Exchange Hosting
21 Hosted Email Archiving
10 SMTP Relay Services
  1. White Mail

    Designed to use a combination of filtering mechanisms White Mail does not rely on static rules that are stale and ineffective. But instead uses mechanisms to trap and trace incoming spam and viruses. White Mail is a complete email filtering solution. Designed in the ASP format, White Mail catches and stops unsolicited email before it ever reaches your network. Unwanted... Read More

  2. TrueProtect

    FrontBridge utilizes three layers of protection to analyze each piece of email and to detect and act on suspected spam. Blacklisting: FrontBridge uses a proprietary blacklist. We do not use commercial blacklists such as MAPS and ORBZ/S. Our blacklist contains only the addresses of the most egregious spammers on the Internet. While conservative, our blacklist can immediately block nearly 10... Read More

  3. MessageLabs

    Managed services freeing up internal IT resources and increasing productivity - Requires no additional hardware or software from the customer - Reduction in email volumes by reducing spam and thus demand on your Internet bandwidth and email infrastructure - No need to worry about viruses or downloading signatures - even at the time of a virus outbreak - Ensures detection... Read More

  4. MailWise Filter

    MailWise provides the E-Mail filtering services an organization needs, without anything to install, service, or upgrade on your end. The service allows E-Mail for your organization to be 'filtered' for Spam, Viruses, and unwanted Content. Additionally, each filter can be tailored to meet your organization's individual needs. MailWise is compatible with GroupWise, Exchange, Notes, and all other SMTP compatible E-Mail... Read More

  5. ActivatorMail

    ActivatorMail may be used as a frontline filter system for any standard email server such as Microsoft Exchange, Unix/Linux SendMail, or Lotus Notes. All that is required is to set your domain's DNS 'MX' (mail service) records to use ActivatorMail services. This simple change can be done by your Network Administrator or ISP and directs email addressed to you to... Read More

  6. Postini Perimeter Manager

    Postini Perimeter Manager is a hosted E-mail system security service that protects your company from E-mail-borne threats--before they hit your network. Postini's services filter out spam and viruses, protect your E-mail system from a wide range of attacks, and provide your IT organization with tools to secure E-mail connections and regulate E-mail delivery. Unlike other solutions that filter email at... Read More

  7. Final ASP Exchange 2003 Hosting

    Final ASP provides its customers with an Enterprise class messaging system using Enterprise class hardware. We utilize Dell Servers on an EMC SAN (Storage Area Network), powered by a Cisco network. Our system is based on Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003. All email is screened twice for spam and viruses by two separate systems. All email is backed up every... Read More

  8. Elephant Outlook Exchange Hosting

    Elephants Never Forget! The smart and affordable way to outsource your company's email and collaboration using Microsoft Exchange. Start using the full functionality of Microsoft Outlook. Email Collaboration, Company Address Book, Contact Manager, Public Folders Sharing, Company Calender, Group Scheduling, Task Management, Outlook Web Access, Mobile ActiveSync, Complete Threat Management, and more... Read More

  9. BRI Exchange Hosting Service

    BRI provides Exchange hosting in either a shared environment or a dedicated environment (depending on your number of users). Pricing includes daily backup, anti-virus protection, VPN configuration, Outlook Web Access, Public Folders, 100 MB of mailbox (aggregated by company), plus more... Read More

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