Last Updated on 28 Jan. 2005, Company: Permission Technologies

The problem with spam email is that it's saturating our mailboxes, in such volume, that ISPs are being forced to apply server-side filters to relieve congested mail servers. And the problem with that approach, is that many times even "good" or legitimate email is filtered out as spam (called a false-positive) and the mailbox owner never sees it. Current spam filters further complicate the problem, by attempting to correctly identify incoming email as either spam email or not. The problem here is that spammers use and study the same software, learn how to get past the filters, and then the process starts all over again. No real solution is ever achieved. CleanMyMailbox finally offers a solution to this problem, because the spammers can't access your whitelist, which is used to keep their refuse out of your mailbox. Our permission-based server-side filtering solution put you in control of the filtering criteria for your mailbox. At the same time, it provides 24x7 access to any email items that are filtered. And it cleans your mailbox at the mail server - so your mailbox is clean, no matter where you check your email. Control and access - in the hands of the individual mailbox owner, because every mailbox is different.

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