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WorldPosta; Business Cloud Mail Solution, that offers the next
generation of messaging technologies so you can fit the modern business challenges.
Premium Availability, Huge Storage, Outlook Anywhere, Backup, Highest Security,
and Powerful Control are your vocabulary when getting WorldPosta.
This user guide was made simply to lead you discover the power of WorldPosta Email
 Large Mailboxes: 200 GB Mailbox storage with availability to send larger attached files up to 35 MB.
 High Availability: WorldPosta servers are integrated with Amazon (AWS); which guarantees the scalability, high availability and stability in a premium level.
 Powerful Control: Enhanced and Friendly Control Panel, Mobile control and Huge Library of policies.
 Backup: user can restore his (Shift + Delete) items within 60 days.
 Outlook Anywhere: – access your emails, calendar, contacts and even sent items anywhere by Outlook client, Web client, mobile...
 Security: Multilayer of Firewall and Antivirus, Intelligent Anti-Spam and End-to-End Encryption.
 Always Up to Date: No patches, No Downtime, No technical skills need.
 Shared Calendar: and Centralized Contacts information between colleagues in the same domain.
 Incredible Search: find your desired message in your large mailbox in no time!!
 Free 24/7 Technical support.

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