Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive

Last Updated on 30 Jan. 2013, Company: Microsoft Corporation

Exchange Hosted Archive is a message archiving system for e-mail and instant messages. Exchange Hosted Archive is deployed over the Internet, which helps minimize up-front capital investment, free up IT resources to focus on value-producing initiatives, and mitigate messaging risks before they reach the corporate network.

The Exchange Hosted Archive service benefits from the in-stream spam and virus protection technologies provided by the Exchange Hosted Filtering service. As e-mail messages pass through the network, a copy of each is made and stored in a security-enhanced online message repository. Mail sent within the organization is captured through the envelope journaling function. Instant messaging (IM) and other communications can be copied to the archive. As messages are received, the archive system assigns a unique serial number and timestamp. Text indexing allows stored messages to be searched by header, subject line, message body, and more than 200 attachment file types.

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