Norada Email Archive Service

Last Updated on 30 Jan. 2013, Company: Norada Corporation

Our Archiving Services captures a copy of all email transmissions within an organization.
Details and Benefits: All incoming and outgoing email messages are permanently preserved on a non-erasable and non-rewritable DVD-R media. This ensures that information is correctly captured and stored in order to minimize any uncertainty over its integrity and existence; Archiving is fully automatic requiring no involvement from end users or administrators; The archive contains the entire message content including rich text formatting and attachments; Messages are saved on the DVD as text files according to the RFC2822 recognized standard for email archiving; The archived messages on the disc can be quickly searched for specific email messages using the utility provided (or loaded into a search system of your choice) where they can be viewed, forwarded and restored back into a user's email account without much effort or hassle.

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