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  1. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

    CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is a free for Office 365 subscribers mailbox migration solution, which helps users speed up the move from Microsoft Exchange Server, Small Business Server or Google Apps to Microsoft’s Cloud. Apart from an intuitive graphical interface, its main advantages over native Office 365 features include: Easy migration of public folders; Migration of emails, contacts and calendars... Read More

  2. CodeTwo Backup for Office 365

    CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 is a point-and-click solution which lets users perform specialized tasks related to creating, managing and restoring granular local copies of Office 365 mailboxes. The software configuration is based on jobs which can be scheduled or activated manually. The scope of the backup can be adjusted at every level, down to item types and properties, and... Read More

  3. Mailbox Analyzer Lite

    Understand how your email storage is being used and what impact email archiving could have on your environment. Run from your desktop it will analyze your inbox and show you how storage is being used, the type of files consuming disk space and the age of these files, sample reports indicating who you correspond with and who corresponds with you... Read More

  4. MailMeter Insight

    MailMeter Insight is a robust Email Reporting and tracking solution that provides business intelligence into corporate email content and usage patterns, as well as the hidden interactions that place organizations at risk. With MailMeter Insight reports and charts, managers can quickly get access to employee patterns. MailMeter Insight has “drill-down” capabilities within each report. For every data field within each... Read More

  5. ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook

    ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook is a bundle of must-have add-ins for every Microsoft Outlook user. These add-ins significantly increase your productivity by automating routine tasks, preventing you from typical mistakes and tweaking Outlook to make it more friendly and functional. Currently it contains the following products: Quick Tweaks: Automatically mark deleted messages as read, Minimize the main Outlook window instead... Read More

  6. ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook

    ReliefJet Essentials is a straightforward tool that consists of a large set of useful and easy-to-use tools for every Microsoft Outlook user. The product contains Outlook add-in, standalone and Windows command line applications. Utilities can be run in manual and automatic modes as well as on a scheduled basis. Features include: ability to import and export messages using EML, MSG,... Read More

  7. Exclaimer Address Tagging for Exchange

    Exclaimer Address Tagging for Exchange 2013/2010/2007 is the only software of its kind to allow users to create any number of disposable email addresses for Exchange. It helps you effectively eliminate the threat of unsolicited emails from third parties and drastically reduce the quantity of junk emails your organization receives. Eliminate the threat of unsolicited emails from third parties and... Read More

  8. GFI FaxMaker

    Faxing manually is out of date. A professional fax server grants substantial savings on cost and improves customer service and image: The process of sending a fax is much shorter and incoming faxes are automatically integrated with today's ‘email-based' workflow. With over 100,000 fax servers shipped since its launch, and numerous prestigious industry awards to its name, GFI FaxMaker is... Read More

  9. QUADROtech MailboxShuttle

    MailboxShuttle is an enterprise class solution for migrating users to Exchange 2013 and Office 365. Working within the QUADROtech Framework it provides an easy to use, simplified tool that is designed for scalability and minimum disruption. Projects run using MailboxShuttle require minimum administrator intervention, and where attention is required the user interface is consistently easy to use. Where email compliance... Read More

  10. Metalogix Archive Migrator

    Metalogix Archive Migrator (formerly Email Migrator) migrates email from any 3rd party archive to Metalogix Archive Manager and the Cloud. Archive Migrator does not require any software or agents to be installed on the target or source Microsoft Exchange servers. Archive Migrator carries out the email migration process while allowing end users continued access to important legacy email. Archive Migrator... Read More

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