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  1. Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

    The Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange delivers enterprise class monitoring, providing visibility beyond any single technology or product. Monitor your entire messaging infrastructure end-to-end - Monitor all the interdependent components of your Microsoft Exchange-based messaging infrastructure - From the SMTP relay to the Mailbox Store. The Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange requires Splunk® Enterprise™ on Windows v4.3.4 for deployments to... Read More

  2. eG Microsoft Exchange Server Monitor

    The eG monitor for Exchange servers makes monitoring and managing Exchange server performance easy and efficient. Using either an agent-based on an agentless approach, administrators can monitor various aspects of the Exchange server's performance including the instantaneous occupancy of the different Exchange server queues, the access patterns of users, and the interaction of the Exchange server with the Active Directory... Read More

  3. Dell Foglight for Exchange

    Foglight for Exchange helps you quickly detect, diagnose and resolve performance and availability problems affecting Microsoft Exchange server in both physical and virtual environments. It offers insight into the virtual Exchange application and its relationships and states through logical and architectural representations. Out-of-the-box alerts with expert advice help you ensure uptime and optimize virtual Exchange server performance, while SLA reports... Read More

  4. GSX Monitor & Analyzer

    GSX Monitor & Analyzer is an agentless solution with out-of-the box monitoring and reporting capabilities. It assures around-the-clock availability and performance for Exchange 2010. It enables the administration team to be in several places at the same time, every day. GSX Monitor & Analyzer constantly monitors the performances of the Exchange infrastructure and provides pinpoint alerts that enable administrators to... Read More

  5. PRTG Network Monitor

    PRTG Network Monitor is Paessler's powerful LAN and WAN monitoring software. The network utility checks the availability of network devices, tracks bandwidth usage, and gives you a complete overview of your network. PRTG's Email Round Trip Sensor allows you to monitor Exchange 2003 and 2007 availability and performance and ensure email end-to-end delivery. PRTG Exchange Monitor checks whether your Exchange... Read More

  6. Site24x7 Microsoft Exchange Monitor

    Site24x7 Microsoft Exchange Monitor represents all the various exchange roles that are configured on various machines in a simplified graphical view to easily understand which role is installed in which specific instance. This gives the user a quick understanding of his exchange farm and simplifies usability. Site24x7 simplifies Microsoft exchange monitoring by keeping you updated on key exchange statistics no... Read More

  7. NetIQ AppManager Module

    This module extends NetIQ AppManager® Suite and provides the knowledge necessary to optimize Exchange Server performance. AppManager for Exchange monitors end-to-end connectivity and assures availability through automated event detection and correction. NetIQ AppManager® is designed for IT operations teams who need rapid time to value, but the flexibility to support the diverse needs of multiple business units... Read More

  8. Nagios

    Nagios provides complete monitoring of Microsoft Exchange mail servers - including server availability, protocol availability, and server statistics. Implementing effective Exchange server monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits: Increased server, services, and application availability; Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures; Fast detection of email server failures and delays... Read More

  9. LogicMonitor Microsoft Exchange Monitoring

    LogicMonitor will automatically discover all the installed Exchange server roles on a server provide best practices alerts and recommendations. Discover all the attributes of the server (all information stores, Physical and Logical drives, etc), report response time of all domain controllers, which can seriously impact the performance of your Exchange server. LogicMonitor not only detects all the databases and information... Read More

  10. ManageEngine Applications Manager

    ManageEngine Applications Manager provides in-depth availability and performance monitoring of Microsoft Exchange Server. Enterprise mail servers are critical to the business and Applications Manager gives the ability to monitor Exchange Servers and provides simple Exchange Server Reporting capabilities. The Exchange Server Management feature enables performance management by monitoring the response time of the server and updates the status based on... Read More

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