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Last Updated on 26 July 2017, Total: 795 Products

49 Administration
46 Anti Spam
56 Backup & Recovery
16 Calendar Tools
10 Content Checking
15 CRM Software
22 Disclaimers
10 Document Management
25 eDiscovery
31 Email Anti Virus
44 Email Archive & Storage
10 Email Encryption
22 Email Signatures
12 Fax Connectors
28 Free Exchange Tools
6 List Servers - Mgmt
14 Load Balancing
19 Log Monitoring
12 Lync
37 Migration
47 Misc. Exchange server software
10 Mobility & Wireless
14 Monitoring
39 Office 365 Tools
77 Outlook Addons
23 OWA Addons
17 POP3 Downloaders
29 PST Management
32 Reporting
23 Security & Encryption
  1. POPWeasel

    Collects mail from multiple POP accounts and passes mail on to almost any SMTP enabled server... Read More

  2. PYTHEAS MailGate

    PYTHEAS MailGate is a POP3 gateway for Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, Lotus Domino, and other corporate mail servers with SMTP interface). PYTHEAS MailGate retrieves mail from Internet POP3 accounts and delivers it to the mailboxes on your corporate mail server, while applying Content-Checking rules which may modify the way the message is delivered.. PYTHEAS MailGate also handles... Read More

  3. IGetMail

    IGetMail acts as a POP3 gateway to automatically download your incoming POP3 mail from multiple remote servers to a single, local Microsoft Exchange Server. It automatically downloads e-mail from multiple remote servers to your local e-mail server, downloads and copies e-mail from multiple individual e-mail accounts, uses a single connection to fetch all your e-mail, downloads and sorts e-mail from... Read More

  4. F-Secure Anti-Virus

    F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange scans incoming and outgoing messages for viruses, worms and Trojans. Besides scanning email attachments, F-Secure also stops viruses in documents and notes posted to public folders... Read More

  5. QuickMail migration to Exchange or Outlook

    The program migrates QuickMail folders, address books, address group and contacts to Exchange Server or Outlook PST. It also migrates MeetingMaker scheduling information to Outlook calendar... Read More

  6. FootPrints for Exchange

    FootPrints for Exchange from UniPress Software isa web-based help desk & issue management tool. FootPrints for Exchange includes these capabilities and more: Issue & Problem Tracking, Customer Self-Service Online, Automated Task Management, Knowledge Management, Extensive Email Management and Web-based Collaboration... Read More

  7. Inbox Protector

    Inbox Protector is a Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP add-In, which scans incoming e-mail, redirecting unwanted junk mail to a separate folder for later inspection if necessary. Incoming junk mail is categorized into content specific groups, giving you the ability to determine how much of each group you want to filter. To ensure that newsletters and mailing lists, which may contain junk... Read More

  8. TickerMyMail

    TickerMyMail checks at regular intervals to see if you have new mail and posts the most important information along the top of your screen as a ticker. While you are surfing the Web, typewriting or playing computer games, TickerMyMail keeps an eye on your mailbox and lets you know as soon as new messages arrive. Support for up to 6... Read More

  9. Express Mail@Mate

    Express Mail@Mate is an email notification program for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Exchange Client, that runs as a System tray icon. It delivers new messages to the Inbox of the email client and allows you to read incoming messages, create new, delete needless ones, extract attached files and more. People with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook can use Express Mail@Mate... Read More

  10. ecKnowledge

    CASAHL ecKnowledge provides a server engine to integrate Microsoft Exchange/Outlook public folders with other enterprise applications such as CRM, Self-Service, SFA, and other collaborative systems. ecKnowledge can integrate ERPs, Lotus Notes, Relational DBs such as SQL Server, DB2, Oracle and so on, with Exchange/Outlook... Read More

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