DKIM for MS Exchange Server

Last Updated on 30 June 2011, Company: Netal

DkimX is an add-on for MS Exchange Server 2007/2010 server which allows signing of messages according to the DKIM-specification (RFC 4871, RFC 5672).

- Multithreaded processing engine which provides excellent performance and high scalability.
- Supports rule-based message processing for outgoing messages in an MS Exchange 2007/2010 environment.
- Allows configuring every aspect of the DKIM-specification for signing messages (including 3rd party signatures and multiple signatures).
- Administration can be performed using the DkimX Management Shell (PowerShell-based command line interface) or DkimX Management Console (GUI implemented as an MMC 3.0 Snap-In).
- Supports easy backup and restore of configuration data.
- Provides application-specific event logs for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.
- Exposed performance counters allow for monitoring runtime parameters.

Note: DkimX implements currently only DKIM signer functionality. Support for DKIM verifier functionality will be added in a future version.

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