SPAMfighter Exchange Module

Last Updated on 14 May 2014, Company: SPAMfighter Aps

SEM is powered by 7.232.775 SPAMfighters from 228 countries/areas. If enough SPAMfighters report the same spam mail, it is instantly removed from all SPAMfighters and SEM users. This means instant spam protection with no configuration or maintenance.

SPAMfighter Exchange module perfectly integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing for easy installation/administration and does not require client side software.

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  1. Bart V Thu, 18 June 2015 16:10

    I have been using SPAMfighter at work for about 4 months now. During the trial period, SPAMfighter seemed reasonably OK, but after ordering and entering the license code, the trouble began.

    SPAMfighter hooks into the transport layer of Exchange to filter out e-mails. But when activating the Exchange Integration Module, after a few hours Exchange caused a lot of problems. Removing the Exchange Integration solved it, but it also disabled most of the mail filtering. Seems like the SPAMfighter processes started hanging and weren't able to keep up in peak periods.

    Turns out that SPAMfighter writes it's black-/whitelists into the Windows registry of the Exchange server (toghether with dnsbl lists, ...); It's understandable peak periods, SPAMfighter won't be able to keep up. Besides that, it's a serious breach in your OS security, since any given mail could cause (indirectly) a corrupted registry, resulting in major problems.

    From various sources, I read that the SPAMfighter support dpt isn't one you can rely on (mostly, you'll have to find the cause of issues yourself).

    We are now looking for a replacement, since a poorly working spam filter is even worse than no spam filter at all...

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