Intelligent Content Analysis (ICA)

Last Updated on 12 Dec. 2008, Company: Nemx Software Corporation

SecurExchange puts you in control to enforce your corporate policies, compliance and security measures on every single email — Internal, Inbound and Outbound and provides full “After the Fact” scanning of user mailboxes and public folders.

SecurExchange with ICA uses natural language processing abilities and techniques including dictionary, thesaurus and prefix/suffix and plural stripping methods (to name a few). SecurExchange also provides standard Concepts for the control of such areas as credit card data (PCI), Social Security Numbers (SSN), account numbers, confidential material, harassing or inappropriate language. SecurExchange can also ensure that any email contains required information like contact information, client or project id, or a company disclaimer. Support is provided for Exchange 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5, and SBS.

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