CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Last Updated on 3 Feb. 2017, Company: CodeTwo

Automatically add Signatures & Disclaimers to Emails sent via Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & SBS.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an Exchange Server add-on designed to help server administrators centralize the management of email signatures and disclaimers on MS Exchange. It will help you quickly set up professional signatures for all employees in your company, without configuring anything on their computers or mobile devices.

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  1. Joseph Mon, 23 June 2014 11:10

    Using standard signatures across the company with this. Product always exceeds license count unless you restart the exchange transport service. Is a real pain for administration. The product is inherently designed to run out of licenses as it still holds onto licenses against mailboxes that no longer exist without manual intervention by interrupting a mail service… It will always exceed the license count at some point.

  2. Gary Aiken Fri, 6 June 2014 11:28

    We have moved to 365 and use their tool for that having previous used the Exchange version (very successfully).
    We are having no end of problems with the client and the support has been very poor.

  3. Rufaro Fri, 20 May 2011 02:00

    Great product!

    I evaluated 3 products (cost, functionality ease of use etc) and this product was easy to setup and configure. Instructions were very clear and precise. The support and response is also excellent. A great product!

  4. Mark Wed, 6 April 2011 02:00

    By far the best exchange add-on product out there

    I just wanted to say, thank you for such an amazing product. We have used Exchange Rules 2003 and when the time came to upgrade our servers we chose Exchange Rules Pro, for all our disclaimers and auto responders.

    This is by far the most intuitive, inexpensive disclaimer software on the market today, and just saying that is only a small part of what the software will actually do. I HIGHLY recommend this software for ease of use, flexibility, price and does exactly what they say it does on the website. Save yourself sometime searching and just use it, you won't be disappointed.

  5. Matthew Hart Fri, 18 March 2011 01:00

    Best on the market

    Best product product on the market. It saves hours of administrating email signatures. By using CodeTwo central administration, it has become quick and easy to customize and manage email signatures without the headache of administrating a signature of each user, or using complicated scripts.

  6. Gary Bentley Mon, 31 Jan. 2011 01:00

    My opinion on Exchange Rules

    Back in May 2008 I did buy the rival software but found it to be very user unfriendly and their editor to create footers was scrappy! Also I had problems setting up for HTML / Text versions - so I abandoned it and looked around recently and found CodeTwo. It is such a contrast and a joy to use - the editor utlility is superb!

    Arram Berlyn Gardner

  7. Chris W. Wed, 15 Dec. 2010 01:00

    CodeTwo software is lightweight and delivers what it promises!

    It's been a pleasure to work with CodeTwo. I really like their software because it's lightweight, and it works! It is a great addition to Exchange that has saved us a lot of time.


  8. Joey Abrahams Thu, 3 June 2010 02:00


    Very good program. I used the trial for only 4 hours, and bought a license straight away.

    Very easy to use, installs automatically without any errors, easy to create marketing options and most important - it looks very professional for your receivers !!

    Good job,




  9. Simon Wed, 17 Feb. 2010 01:00

    Easy setup and easy to use

    This software is fantastic! easy to use, easy to setup, cheap does exactly what our organisation wanted. I would have to say this is probably the best bit of software i have used in a long time.

    Diabetes Australia Victoria

  10. TMB Wed, 17 Feb. 2010 01:00

    Works well!

    They have a good team over at CodeTwo. Works very well within our exchange environment, the install went smooth. Any questions you may have are also answered in a timely fashion.

    I highly recommend this software!

    Fibrecraft Materials

  11. Jonathan Drake Wed, 17 Feb. 2010 01:00

    Save yourself hours of work with this one!

    Great product for standardizing email signatures and attaching specific marketing/information to outgoing messages.

    Simple to use but highly flexible.

    Wish I'd had this years ago!

    Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd

  12. Paul D. Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00

    Excellent and easy to use !

    My boss told me to put a legal disclaimer on all our outgoing EMail NOW, so I ordered this software in the afternoon Pacific Time and had the key the next morning. Simple to install, didn''t need a reboot and didn''t interrupt mail flow at all. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out the little HTML/text editor and set up the disclaimer. Works like a charm. Price was right too, didn''t break the bank. Highly recommended !!

  13. Michel Servaes Tue, 3 Nov. 2009 01:00

    Exchange Rules 2007 should of been Exchange Rules! 2007

    This is by far, the most intuitive software I installed as an additional effort in handling your signatures ! I have tried some alternatives (that were more expensive) and they gave my more administration than less !

    When installing CodeTwo' software, it went on in no time... and within 30 minutes all was up and running ! (I had more work, in filling my Active Directory (as it should of been done, beforehand) than adjusting CodeTwo software to do what I would like it to do).


  14. Alan McElligott Fri, 30 Oct. 2009 01:00

    Code Two Exchange Rules 2003

    By far the easiest and most flexible product that our extensive search and testing found. Centralised management, Centralised installation on Exhcnage server. Non Complex Install and light application that didn't clog up and already straining system. Support mechanism was clearly explained, Pricing was clear, fixed and competitive and company was contactable and responsive pre and post purchase.

    Electro Automation Ltd

  15. Olivier S. Wed, 28 Oct. 2009 01:00

    Easy to setup and cheap !

    Very quick and easy to setup, many options but not too many, up and running in minutes. No need to restart the server after install. All of that for a cheap price, the cheapest I've found on Internet.Great product !


  16. Decyk L. Thu, 13 Aug. 2009 02:00

    Very flexible with clients

    By far the cleanest product of all disclaimer solutions. Quick to install. Supports mail sent from OWA, Outlook but also Entourage and tags all mail sent via company handhelds. Great work.

  17. Edwin Wed, 22 July 2009 02:00

    Comment on CodeTwo Exchange Rules

    Just wanted to say I like the product very much. It is so easy to set up. I had it up and running within couple minutes. I wish all software were so user-friendly.


    Edwin B.

    EGM, Inc.

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