Last Updated on 6 Dec. 2012, Company: GWAVA Inc.

Secure Communication. Stops Spam, Viruses & Malware. Communication needs to be protected because it has business critical data. There are many ways viruses and spam enter your network. It's not all about the email-system you are using. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are widely used and part of your culture of communication. GWAVA removes social platform risks and keeps your communication secure.

GWAVA provides reliable spam, virus and malware protection and supports any standard mail system including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise. GWAVA also includes powerful control and protection capabilities for social messaging and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The top features of GWAVA are Multi-Layer Spam and Virus Protection, Real-Time Virus Protection by Kaspersky Lab Integration, Email Surveillance and Statistics, End-User Spam Control and the availability as Cloud or On-Premises Solution.

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