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Last Updated on 3 April 2017, Company: TECH-ARROW

The contentACCESS Email Archive solves email archiving scenarios of companies that have MS Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016, hosted Exchange mailboxes, or Exchange Online. Its unique design and scalability make it possible to meet the standards of companies having from 100 to even 100 000 mailboxes.
You can save a lot of space by creating shortcuts pointing to archived emails, enlighten the live systems and shorten back-up times. Archived emails are stored in a secured cloud or in any storage area of your choice. You can replicate, encrypt and compress the archived emails to ensure even bigger safety. Your company will be enriched with new possibilities for accessing your data, because web and native mobile access are a great help in everyday business in these modern times.
With contentACCESS you can build a single, secure, and well-structured archive, which is common for all your data sources. Archiving not only your emails, but also file servers, and MS SharePoint with contentACCESS will secure all essential company IT systems and provide unified access to them.
contentACCESS can connect to and view the data of several legacy archives, without the need of data migration. In case you want to decommission your legacy archive, migrating into contentACCESS is supported by more than 25 systems.

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