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Last Updated on 9 Aug. 2013, Company: Esker Software

Esker Fax is a seamless solution for enterprise-wide desktop fax integrated with Exchange as well as high-volume production fax for enterprise applications. Along with Microsoft Cluster support, Least Cost Routing, load balancing, automatic inbound routing and other key features, unique capabilities of Esker Fax help businesses keep running with no downtime and manage peaks in fax volume. With its Fax on Demand delivery service option, Esker Fax offers access to Esker-hosted fax infrastructure for secure failover and overflow functions to support operational continuity, provide virtually unlimited fax capacity and minimize fax hardware costs.

Unlike products that rely on an email gateway to communicate with Exchange, Esker Fax actually integrates within Exchange for direct communication between fax server and mail server. This level of integration offers advantages that are simply not available with other fax servers. With Esker Fax, it is not necessary to install anything on your Exchange server. You can deploy in one simple step, administration is simple within Active Directory, and users fax through their standard email boxes. Patented Esker technology recognizes application output and automates document formatting, addressing and transmission. And Esker Fax offers direct migration to Esker DeliveryWare, the leading solution for multi-format document process automation.


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  1. Jigan Shah Wed, 5 July 2006 02:00

    Esker Fax

    Esker Fax for Exchange is very nice to automate inbound and outbound faxing in an Exchange Environment.

    Exchange Connector can either be installed on Exchange Server or on the Fax Server. It does a littleb bit of Schema Modification but nothing harmful.

    DID routing works great for inbound routing.

  2. Dale Smith Wed, 22 June 2005 02:00


    This product was hard to configure and support.

    Gordon Flesch

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