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Last Updated on 4 Aug. 2014, Company: Solgenia

Solgenia Facsys is a complete line of fax routing solutions ranging from turn-key appliances to enterprise-level software. Robust fax routing and delivery engines, Facsys solutions automate the flow of fax messages to ensure secure, efficient delivery of fax information to email inboxes and network repositories. They also eliminate the need for manual fax machines, and the handling and storage of hardcopy faxes. With Facsys, users can transmit and receive faxes directly through desktop and enterprise applications, a desktop client, browser interface or email client software. Purpose-built application connectors, plug-ins and a software development kit ‘fax-enable’ a broad range of applications, platforms and business process workflows.

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  1. Peter Mittler - emFAST VP Business Development Tue, 14 Feb. 2006 01:00

    AD Integration

    Brian, your comment is groundless. FACSys 4.91 is totally integrated with AD, either directly or with a SYNC tool (if you prefer not to extend your schema). Please get your facts straight before posting in a public forum. FACSys requires no 'fat' client on the PC, integrates with Exchange/Outlook or any SMTP gateway without any alledged 'workarounds'. FACSys 5.0 will release in Q1 of 2006 with an SQL backend, browser-based front end and many other features that customers have asked for.

    emFAST Inc.

  2. Chad Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00


    As a network admin, I appreciate the fact that FACSys is easy to work with. Our server has been running for almost two years without the need to be restarted. It's the most stable fax server app I've ever worked with.

  3. Brian Clouthier Fri, 1 July 2005 02:00

    AD integration, NOT

    This product is not AD integrated. It will only support a single domain. Fine for a 200 person company. The work around is using an extra SMTP servers, manual entry for each user, and a fat client on each PC.

  4. Grant Mon, 25 April 2005 02:00


    FACSys is the best product that I have come across for our desktop faxing needs.


  5. Sue Mon, 25 April 2005 02:00

    FACSys is the easiest to use and implement

    I find that FACSys is the easiest fax software to use because the Software Development Kit is free and I do not have to pay to write my own application to fax enable my custom software.

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