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Microsoft Exchange Server software section, listing the latest free tools for Exchange Server

  1. Exclaimer Outlook Photos

    Exclaimer Outlook Photos lets you import photos into Active Directory image attributes like a JPEG in order to give everyone a photo portrait in the Outlook People Pane, their SharePoint profile and on Microsoft Lync. Batch-import multiple photos at once by selecting the folder or drive with your photos, and migrate them all in a single click. It auto-matches pictures... Read More

  2. Netwrix Auditor – Mailbox Access (Freeware)

    This tool automatically audits administrators and users with excessive rights who gained access to another users' mailboxes. The product reports who accessed what mailboxes, what items inside mailboxes (e.g. e-mails, appointments, tasks etc.), and what was done (items viewed, edited, deleted etc.). This allows detecting any unauthorized activity from users who may be trying to steal confidential information from sensitive... Read More

  3. Netwrix Auditor – Active Directory (Freeware)

    The product tracks changes to users, groups, OUs, and all other types of AD objects and fills major gaps found in Microsoft native auditing. It generates reports and features real-time alerts that show who changed what, when and where in your Active Directory, indicating "before" and "after" values for all modified settings. The Freeware Edition also features a free support... Read More

  4. Free Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory Tool

    Now you can quickly see WHO has permission to do WHAT and answer the questions that suck up your time and your patience. See how easy it is to get instantaneous visibility into the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder or share drive—all from a cool desktop dashboard! Think of all the time and money you... Read More

  5. Free Web Transaction Watcher

    SolarWinds free Web Transaction Watcher allows you to easily record and capture the results of a web transaction running live on your site. Instead of writing a complicated script, you can perform the same task with just the touch of a button! Simply start the recorder, perform all the necessary steps in your transaction as any customer would, and hit... Read More

  6. Free Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent

    Use SolarWinds free Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent to validate key Windows Update Agent configuration values. Easily test connections to all WSUS resources and identify probable causes of failures. Get useful descriptions of Windows Update Agent errors and learn the necessary steps in repairing them. Download this free tool today!... Read More

  7. Free Trio of Admin Tools for Active Directory

    Download SolarWinds Active Directory Admin Trio and start saving time on your Active Directory management tasks today. With the Inactive User Account Removal and Inactive Computer Account Removal Tools, you can quickly and easily scan Active Directory and optionally remove users and computers that have been inactive for a specified amount of time. Additionally, the User Import Tool saves you... Read More

  8. Free WMI Monitor

    Solarwinds FREE desktop tool, WMI Monitor, allows you to quickly and easily monitor real-time performance metrics on any Windows server or application with a slick desktop dashboard. Choose from pre-built application templates in the tool! Don't be the last one to find out when Exchange, Sharepoint or other mission-critical applications go down! Download this FREE TOOL from Solarwinds!... Read More

  9. Realtime Appflow Analyzer

    SolarWinds' free Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer captures and analyzes Appflow, NetFlow, JFlow, and sFlow data in real time to show you exactly what types of traffic are on your network, where it's is coming from, and where it's going. Finally, you can diagnose traffic spikes and troubleshoot bandwidth issues... Read More

  10. CodeTwo Active Directory Photos

    CodeTwo Active Directory Photos will let you easily upload even thousands of user's photographs to Active Directory and make managing them a breeze. The pictures will display in Outlook 2010 internal emails, contacts and GALs. It is also possible to add those photos to server-sided email signatures to make your corporate signatures look more professional, and to let your customers... Read More

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