Enterprise VA R20

Last Updated on 16 Oct. 2015, Company: Loadbalancer.org

Loadbalancer.org's Enterprise VA R20 is a dependable, versatile and affordable virtual load balancing solution engineered to improve the availability of your most critical IT applications. All Loadbalancer.org appliances can work in the standard industry formats i.e. 1 Arm or 2 Arm in NAT, DSR or SNAT modes + SSL Termination and Transparent Proxy available in all modes. They tend to be a bit more flexible than the low-end vendors, but not as full featured as F5 for Layer 7 manipulation.

Unlike many similar solutions, Loadbalancer.org's entire virtual load balancer product range is not bandwidth restricted whatsoever. This enables unlimited throughput at a very competitive price-point. With comprehensive application-specific deployment guides and a global network of application delivery specialists deployment couldn't be simpler.

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