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    Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange

    The new Priasoft Migration Suite for Exchange (PMSE) 6.5 is the latest release in our long history of migration solutions providing end-to-end Exchange migration. Version 6.5 includes support for migrating from Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, or 2010 directly to Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013. PMSE provides a reliable high performance migration platform while having minimal impact on... Read More

  2. MailStore Server

    MailStore Server is the email archiving software for companies and organizations with 5 to 3,000 mailboxes. It combines storage technology with easy operation and low costs. MailStore Server stores perfect copies of all company email in a central archive which can safely maintain any amount of data for many years. Users can easily access the archived emails using the Microsoft... Read More

  3. Metalogix Email Migrator

    Metalogix Email Migrator migrates legacy email archives and live email using the multi-award winning Metalogix migration engine. The initial product version supports migrations from Symantec Enterprise Vault to Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition and Exchange to Exchange with more sources and targets to follow. Migrator is unobtrusive with nothing installed on the target, Exchange or source servers - and can... Read More

  4. QUADROtech Email Migration Suite

    QUADROtech provides scalable, trusted, automated and rapid solutions for the migration of email and user data between email archives (e.g Symantec Enterprise Vault), Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and PST files. Our products employ a proven methodology that is workflow and process based to deliver email migration projects on time and on budget. They minimize the risk and cost of migrations... Read More

  5. TransVault Migrator

    Available through a global network of migration specialists and archive solution vendors, TransVault Migrator is a software application that enables fast and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services. TransVault Migrator securely transports your legacy archive data into a new environment, ensuring it remains accessible - both for end-users and for compliance and eDiscovery purposes. Virtually all... Read More

  6. SMP for Public Folders

    The StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Public Folders is a solution providing end-to-end assessment, analysis, and remediation of Public Folder infrastructures. Proven effective in the largest Public Folder environments, SMP's built-in workflow components and business intelligence allow administrators to identify each folder's "Most Probable Owner" and communicate with them to obtain definitive sign-off regarding each folder's fate; in bulk. SMP... Read More

  7. GALsync

    GALsync's primary purpose is to synchronize address lists and objects between Active Directory environments thus making it easier for two different company's staff to communicate with each other. The tool accomplishes this by providing each organization with a Global Address List that includes each company's staff's email address and associated information. In addition to assisting with GAL synchronization, which is... Read More

  8. NetIQ Exchange Migrator

    NetIQ Exchange Migrator allows you to move Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, custom recipients and public folders from one organization or site to another. NetIQ Exchange Migrator retains calendar and public folder permissions and reconciles distribution list memberships. Exchange Migrator lets you use scripts to modify object attributes, update client mailbox profiles and synchronize mailbox and public folder information, enabling migrated... Read More

  9. Quest GroupWise Migrator for Exchange

    Ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2007/2010, Office 365 and hosted Exchange. GroupWise Migrator for Exchange mitigates the risk of downtime and data loss and eliminates the burden on your IT staff and help desk. GroupWise Migrator quickly and accurately migrates email, calendars, tasks, personal address books, frequent contacts and archives with minimal resources - you'll complete your... Read More

  10. Retain Migration Toolkit

    A mail server migration can result in high costs, data leakage and user downtimes. This is a particular worry for IT administrators, where there is a significant amount of effort already doing the migration. With an upcoming mail server migration Retain can be used as a migration tool (e.g. from GroupWise to Exchange/Office 365). That way companies are able to... Read More

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