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Last Updated on 11 March 2015, Company: Netmail

Netmail Migrate from Netmail™ is a software migration solution that reduces the time and cost required to migrate users to Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365 by first archiving data to a central XML repository. Using this method, Migrate reduces the risk of data loss during the migration because no time is wasted trying to recover messages or mailboxes that do not migrate properly. With Migrate, you determine how much data you want to migrate, instead of simply transferring data from one system to another, Migrate reduces the need for co-existence, as well as lowers costs, minimizes management, and eliminates server bloat.

Netmail Migrate quickly and accurately migrates email, calendars, tasks, personal address books, frequent contacts, archives, aliases, and more. With Migrate, there is zero impact on your users because they have access to their email at all times during the migration. Migrate also includes simple tools to collect and move all GroupWise Personal Archives.

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