Misc. Exchange server software

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Misc. Exchange server software

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    Symprex Out-of-Office Manager

    Symprex Out-of-Office Manager allows you to centrally manage out-of-office settings and messages for all users in your organization on Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. You can view and change the out-of office-settings and messages for anyone at the click of a button, and without requiring you to have full access to mailbox contents. You can also change out-of-office settings... Read More

  2. GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange

    GSX Solutions is one of the main players for Monitoring and Reporting solutions on Collaborative and Messaging Environments. By streamlining and optimizing IT resources, GSX provides IT professionals with agentless monitoring solutions that place a minimal workload on the server itself. Their product lineup includes monitoring and reporting capabilities for messaging, collaboration and mobile environments. These tools are designed specifically... Read More

  3. Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange

    Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange is the simple, manageable and robust way to send from multiple email addresses while maintaining a single Exchange mailbox. With Email Alias Manager you can choose the email address you want to send from when composing your email - and automatically reply to incoming message using the address they were sent to. Email Alias... Read More

  4. Exclaimer Auto Responder

    Exclaimer Auto Responder is ‘Microsoft Certified for Windows Server 2012’ meeting Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices. This powerful software allows you to automate replies to emails, redirect messages, add and remove senders and recipients from emails, as well as prevent messages from being delivered. This is all based on rules and policies that you control. Create personalized auto... Read More

  5. GALsync

    GALsync's primary purpose is to synchronize address lists and objects between Active Directory environments thus making it easier for two different company's staff to communicate with each other. The tool accomplishes this by providing each organization with a Global Address List that includes each company's staff's email address and associated information. In addition to assisting with GAL synchronization, which is... Read More

  6. Softerra Adaxes

    Adaxes enables administrators to work with Active Directory and Exchange servers (2003, 2007, and 2010) that belong to different Exchange organizations and AD forests within one administrative environment. Also, with the help of Adaxes, it is now possible to automate provisioning of Exchange mailboxes, delegate responsibilities to perform Exchange tasks to non-administrative staff, simplify and speed up the creation of... Read More

  7. Enterprise Permission Reporter

    If you are an administrator in an Active Directory environment then you want to know what's happening in your environment. That means being able to audit changes to things like NTFS permissions on shared folders and files, membership in security groups, and permissions on objects in Active Directory. If you only have the in-box tools on the Windows Server platform,... Read More

  8. CodeTwo Exchange Sync

    CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an application enabling automatic synchronization of data between selected folders hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000. The synchronization is real-time and occurs in the background transparently to the user. Synchronized data can be of any type: mail, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. The program enables multiple synchronization types and... Read More

  9. Quest Exchange-UC

    Migrate from older versions of Exchange, GroupWise, Notes or even from other IM platforms with Quest, automate reporting to facilitate decision-making and planning. Reduce administration time and complexity by monitoring multiple messaging server platforms from a single console. Reduce email recovery time with automated processes... Read More

  10. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor delivers agentless performance and availability monitoring, alerting, and reporting for hundreds of applications and hardware types. Within minutes of download and installation, you can start easily monitoring virtually any application, including Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, Java® applications, and more. Plus, Server & Application Monitor tracks the health of Dell®, HP®, and IBM® System X servers... Read More

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