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CenturionMail is a Windows based utility to send encrypted information by email. Recipients of encrypted messages receive an attachment to the email which when executed requires the user to enter a password to open it. CenturionMail is integrated in MS Outlook. One button operation within the Outlook composing window is all that is needed to send an encrypted email. Users of other email programs can still use the program through the CenturionMail interface which calls to the default email program. Supports all version of MS Outlook including Outlook 2003.

Encrypted files can be sent as ZIP, CAB, or our new custom defined extension. AES: Now offering stronger 256 bit, open source encryption. Password Manager: Securely store and manage all the passwords to be used for various recipients. When using the Microsoft Outlook plug-in, it will pre-fill the default password for any recipient in the Password Manager. Password hints can also be saved and automatically sent. Shredder: Securely delete files and folders either during the encryption process (deletes the non-encrypted originals) or separately. On-the-Fly Encryption: Automatically encrypt a local copy of the files or folders being sent. And more...

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  1. Lucy Held Mon, 20 Nov. 2006 01:00

    Secure Email File Encryption Program

    Looking for a very simple, but effective program to send secure emails and encrypt files. CenturionMail did everything it purported to do and unlike the other programs out there which I found to be very complicated to use CenturionMail was very inexpensive. Also with the one question I had on file types their customer support was very helpful and friendly.

    RadioRoad West

  2. Guillermo Biondolillo Wed, 21 July 2004 02:00


    I really like this product. It's so easy to use that I never think twice about sending a message that contains anything in the slight bit sensitive. Better safe than sorry.

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