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Last Updated on 3 Feb. 2017, Company: CodeTwo

Thanks to this software you can easily share contacts, email, calendars, tasks and even Office docs with others all without needing an expensive and complicated Exchange server. CodeTwo Public Folders lets you share your personal folders and create public folders in Outlook, where many users can publish and share their data in the network and work on them simultaneously.

Software synchronizes data between many Outlook clients in the local network. The synchronization is performed in the background, automatically, in real-time and is transparent for users.

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  1. Dave Wed, 23 Feb. 2011 01:00

    A Reseller's Dream

    We are a reseller who provides IT support for a number of clients with small offices (3-20 users). These offices tend not to have Exchange Server, yet require the functionality of shared calendars, contacts, etc.

    Previously, we had been selling a competitive product that provided similar functionality. However, it is no longer an option for us to sell as it does not support Outlook 2010 64-bit. This is what caused us to look for an alternative.

    We have been running Code Two Public Folders in our office for about three weeks now, and I believe it is a fantastic product that can fit the needs of many of our small customers. I thought the other product that we offered was straightforward and easy to install and use. However, once I tried Code Two's Public Folders, I was amazed at how much easier it is to install, manage and use!

    The best part of Code Two's Public Folders from my user's perspective is that there is nothing new for them to learn. They just continue to use Outlook as they had been, but now they are able to share data. It works so seemlessly with Outlook that you really don't even know that it is there.

    From our perspective as a reseller, Code Two's Public Folders is a dream: simple to explain to potential customers, quick and easy to install, little or no training/support issues. We have completed our testing of Public Folders and are ready to bring it to our customers.

    Great job!

    Office Equipment Center

  2. Zach Thu, 3 Feb. 2011 01:00


    Works great! I have 35 employees!

    Sentry West

  3. Claude Tabor Wed, 12 Jan. 2011 01:00

    CodeTwo Public Folders

    We use Outlook to manage all of our companies info and planning. CodeTwo has been an absolute savior when it comes to sccessing this info throughout the different departments. The installation was easy and flawless. The support has been beyond helpful and their staff has been a real pleasure to work with. CodeTwo has offered us a great and economical solution to our communication needs.

    Funtime Cabinet Factory

  4. Stefan Naegeli Tue, 11 Jan. 2011 01:00


    after testing several competior solutions and even talking to their product support, I found out about CodeTwo through a web search and - surprise - the tests revealed that CodeTwo Public Folders is by far the best solution I have come across - perfectly fitting into my WHS and Windows 7 with Office 2010 environment at home. Thanks folks!


  5. Richard Tue, 14 Dec. 2010 01:00

    CodeTwo Public Folders works great

    We thought MS Exchange would take to much time to manage, so we first tried Mdaemon with Outlook Connector which I've had good experience of before. However there were some conflicts with our Antivirus system and Mdaemon which couldn't be solved. (I don't blame Mdaemon for the issues, their software works fine with other Antivirus systems, and the Antivirus program we use also works fine without Mdaemon, but combining those together causes some problems)

    We then discovered CodeTwo's Public Folder. What a jewel. Easy to install and maintain. Tried to mail their support and got an answer which solved the only problem we noticed on 1 of 10 computers. ( Was actually due to an error in the Outlook installation, not Public Folders )

    It's fast and feels really reliable after these 3 trialweeks, and we just ordered the program.

    Definitely a product I recommend to everybody - except our competitors.

    (We like to stay ahead...)

    Good work, keep it up!

    / Richard


  6. Raffaella Massaroli Fri, 10 Dec. 2010 01:00

    Great software!

    Before discovering CodeTwo, the only way to have mailbox sharing was Microsoft Exchange Server installation or Remote IMAP, both options not very easy to maintain.

    Small Business Server is a good product, but not dedicated to small realities. IMAP is very slow and it “eats” a lot of resources.

    Now I can have shared Contact list, shared emails, shared Task list, just easy as 1 2 3.

    I'm using CodeTwo, for example, for incoming emails from our customers for translation projects.

    Shared emails are organized in Conversation view, and I generate the task list schedule with Outlook, so my colleagues and I can keep track of deadlines, in and out emails related to a particular project, knowing what is in progress and so on.

    Really, thank you very much for this great tool.

    Now I have (almost) the same features that I had when I was using Small Business Server, but trouble-free

    Raffaella Massaroli

    Robot Ale srl

    Robot Ale srl

  7. Asha Jessa Tue, 7 Dec. 2010 01:00

    Code Two Public Folders

    We recently purchased and installed Code Two Public Folders to allow employees working from home to access the Office Manager's inbox/calendar/contacts information in real time. Couple of hiccups: We had to get a static ip address and we had some problems with port settings on the router but Code Two tech support was very helpful in assisting us with setup/configuration.

    Employees are now able to work in the comfort of their homes and access laptops from outside the network quickly and efficiently.

    Great package, money well spent indeed.

    Tutor Doctor

  8. Mitch Thu, 15 April 2010 02:00

    Code Two Shared Contacts

    Nice product. I particularly like the way the installation process has been improved.

    Nice job!

  9. Laila Rylandsholm Thu, 15 April 2010 02:00

    Great Software

    ****** (six stars) - If only I had tracked the cost and time spent searching for, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, etc software to share outlook files without an Exchange Server. 10 months ago I discovered Code Two Public Folders. Code Two is far superior to anything I have used in the past. It is simple to install, simple to configure, operates transparently, with no apparent degradation in speed or conflicts. I am able to share exactly what I want to share with who I want to share and am able to modify, delete shared items, including responding to emails etc. Exactly what I was looking for. I have just had to replace my hard drive and it has been so easy to reinstall - except had to upgrade to newer version at NO cost to me. Wow!Highly highly recommended. Laila Rylandsholm Vancouver, Canada

    Hummingbird Group

  10. Richard Guagliardo Tue, 9 March 2010 01:00

    CodeTwo Public Folders

    This is a wonderful product (and I've tested MANY). It lets my employees share their contacts and calendar (you can share more, but that's all we chose to do). It is in REAL TIME. The installation was so easy. This product is an alternative to Exchange Hosting, which I did not want to do. I've finally found the product that I've been searching for over a year. Thank-you, CodeTwo!

  11. Shawn Scanlon Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00

    Best way to sync Contacts, Emails, Calendar with Google Apps

    I have been using CodeTwo Public Folders for a few years now, and had thought that moving to Google Apps (Hosted Email and Calendar) would mean that I would not need Public Folders any longer...I was wrong.

    If you have ever tried to keep multiple people on the same LAN syncronized with contacts with any hosted email (unless you are paying a ton for hosted Exchange), you know it is impossible.

    Public Folders let's me keep a central folder for contacts that shows up in Outlook for my wife and I and allows me to easily copy from that folder into Contacts that sync with Google App Sync (their version of Exchange).

    Without Public folders your only real options are programs like Sync2 which are not centralized and only help with 1 to 1 contact / calendar syncronizing.

    Thank you Public Folders, without your app I would have no way to keep things organized, very worth the money!


  12. Mike E Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00


    Code 2 was recommended by my computer consultant. We went with the trial version and I have been very happy as I did not have to purchase a server for my 3 computer office. Now, my staff can access my contacts and calendar and make edits. This is most effective for changes in appointments and court, meaning that there are no missed dates.

  13. Joel Wetzstein Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00

    Code Two Rocks!

    Code Two Public Folders, Category Manager, Net Calendars... are all amazing, cost effective solutions for a small to medium size business.

    Very cost effective way to accomplish many of the same collaborative functions of exchange for a fraction of the cost!


    Armstrong StClair

  14. Ray Mon, 21 Dec. 2009 01:00

    Code Two Public Folders

    I'm the IT guy for a small concierge business in Canada. We installed and tested Code Two Public Folders

    and ultimately purchased it. The product works flawlessly. I had to contact Code Two regarding activation and was happy

    to receive very prompt attention.



  15. Drew Mon, 7 Dec. 2009 01:00

    Best solution on the market today

    We tried four different Outlook Synchronization tools and the Code Two solution is so much better than the other solutions out there.

    First, I have an IMAP server for my email and the email solutions simply overwhelmed my inbox. I kept having to delete them from the server. No program did that automatically.

    Second, many of the email based solutions simply did not work as advertised. Changes on one system frequently did not show up on the other systems.

    Third, we have three different calendars and one of the solutions would only allow us to synchronize one of the solutions. Code Two lets us do all three seamlessley.

    Finally, this is really the only one that is stable and works as advertised!

    Fantastic package. Easy to install, simple to maintain, and great functionality! Virtually instant propagation of changes. Glad I found this!

    Drew Gold

    Office Manager

    Florida Wellness & Rehab

    Florida Wellness & Rehab

  16. Robert Hall Fri, 30 Oct. 2009 01:00

    Great Product

    I Trialed a few products, but chose Code Two because

    1) It delivered what it promised

    2) because we required a secure package that was simple to deploy and could easily train our local IT staff to manage

    and as it turns out their support was quick to respond when we needed to reinstall the package on a different computer.

    Great overall package

    Robert Hall

    IT Advisor

    Vientiane College


    Vientiane College Laos

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