POP3 Downloaders

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POP3 Downloaders

  1. POPWeasel

    Collects mail from multiple POP accounts and passes mail on to almost any SMTP enabled server... Read More

  2. PYTHEAS MailGate

    PYTHEAS MailGate is a POP3 gateway for Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft Exchange 2000 server, Lotus Domino, and other corporate mail servers with SMTP interface). PYTHEAS MailGate retrieves mail from Internet POP3 accounts and delivers it to the mailboxes on your corporate mail server, while applying Content-Checking rules which may modify the way the message is delivered.. PYTHEAS MailGate also handles... Read More

  3. Visendo popConnect 10

    PopConnect 10 is a simple and efficient POP3 / IMAP Connector for Exchange and SMTP Servers targeted at small and medium business.<BR><BR>The email collector works in the background: popConnect downloads all messages from multiple accounts (support for gmail and APOP) and forwards them to the SMTP server, it supports downloading of RSS feed. Key features: different notifications and alerts on... Read More

  4. Narawen Inox POP3 Connector

    Narawen Inox POP3 Connector is mail gateway software delivering messages from Internet POP3 mailboxes to mailboxes located at your corporate messaging server such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino. The application runs automaticallly in the background as an operating system service. Periodically it downloads all messages from POP3 mailboxes, routes them to recipients, and sends using SMTP protocol... Read More

  5. FTGate

    FTGate is a system that connects any mail server to the Internet and provides content filtering, POP3 mail retrieval, security features and anti-virus integration to be included without having to replace your primary mail server. Users of systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and others can now add features such as Key word and Key Phrase filtering, Attachment Filtering,... Read More

  6. IGetMail

    IGetMail acts as a POP3 gateway to automatically download your incoming POP3 mail from multiple remote servers to a single, local Microsoft Exchange Server. It automatically downloads e-mail from multiple remote servers to your local e-mail server, downloads and copies e-mail from multiple individual e-mail accounts, uses a single connection to fetch all your e-mail, downloads and sorts e-mail from... Read More

  7. popConnect

    MS Exchange Server is not able to collect mails from external POP3 or IMAP4 accounts. popConnect is built to do that. It connects to POP3 or IMAP4 accounts, requests the mails and moves them to the right exchange mailbox. It works with Exchange version 4 and higher (including SBS). popConnect is a solution for receiving external mails. You don't need... Read More

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