EFS (Email Forwarding Server)

Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2004, Company: Chimera Computing Ltd

EFS is a free POP3 gateway for any SMTP server such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or SLMail. It pulls mail from a Pop3 mailbox at your ISP and distributes the messages to users mailboxes on a local SMTP mail server. EFS requires you to have a registered Internet domain name (to accept and forward mail for) EFS also makes an excellent replacement for the somewhat limited Microsoft SBS Pop3 Connector. The free Standard version does NOT have a user or time limitation and will work under most circumstances. You only need to register the advanced or advanced plus versions if you require additional features available.

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  1. AB Mon, 18 May 2009 02:00

    Does not support SSL pop3 downloading

    Does not support SSL PoP3 connections ??

  2. Marcus Ooi Mon, 28 Feb. 2005 01:00

    Works great! - beats Native POP3 Connector

    Works great from the get go - this was what I tried out after getting frustrated with POP3 (and buying it for a client). No need to hack registry at all. Just a simple click and install, and then configure.

    Client never knew the difference - hey, as long as they are getting their mail, sweet!

    Abridge Solutions

  3. Vincent Schroder Fri, 29 Oct. 2004 02:00

    Great program only running as service could be better

    It is a great program to use, very simple and great header support. Only i think they should put more attention to the running as a service part, because when something goes wrong you can not look at the log screen to see what is wrong. It would be nice that you can access the program in the systray like manual startup. And what i realy miss in this program it only supports one popbox. but that's is only my wish list.

  4. Steve Wed, 6 Oct. 2004 02:00

    stops when line goes down

    EFS stops fetching email indefinitely when the internet line goes down for a while requiring admin to annoyingly restart the service 2 or 3 times per day. Crude installation package also requires manually hacking the registry.

  5. lee chang Fri, 28 May 2004 02:00


    Very good software, works very well for all my clients and has very easy to use interface. Much better than Microsoft pop connector

  6. Shahid Naveed Fri, 14 May 2004 02:00


    Id just like to repeat what many EFS users have said before it truly is a great piece of software. From the way it functions right they way through to its distribution and pricing, so well done and thanks.

  7. Mark Gardener Fri, 19 Dec. 2003 01:00

    Nice Tool

    A nice tool that does the job; but FREE does not mean free of splash screens. If you want more account you need to pay.

  8. Andy Fri, 5 Dec. 2003 01:00

    Reliable and simple

    I like EFS for its simplicity! As a network engineer for an IT company, we provide a range services to many clients. I use EFS both as a fulltime pop retrieval solution and also as a part time solution when clients are changing Internet Providers. The mail history logging feature with its easy to use GUI is so handy for auditing and reporting that sells well with our clients! I just love this product!

  9. Mike Seal Tue, 18 Nov. 2003 01:00

    EFS Pull Mail provider

    EFS is a cracking utility for pulling mail from a service driver down into an Exchange 2K server. Have been running this for 6 months on a failrly small system. I initially had my reservations but this software has been running faultlessly for the period.

  10. Mike Jennings Tue, 18 Nov. 2003 01:00

    all good!

    we prefer EFS as it has so many more features than similar products and it just works in every environment we have installed in. extremely quick and easy to configure with a straight forward interface.

  11. Anonymous Thu, 30 Oct. 2003 01:00

    Excellent app, excellent support

    We've been loyal EFS users since version 3 over four years ago and still onsell to our clients. I felt I had to make comment on how impressed I am with their feature rich (and not to mention FREE) upgrades. Cant beat support either - the vendors are quick to assist with setup issues and have supplied updates due to minor bugs the following day. I highly recommend EFS, Microsoft could learn a thing or two!

  12. Andrew Hakeem Tue, 21 Oct. 2003 02:00

    Impressive product

    Downloaded EFS a week ago and registered it 2 days later as I was so impressed with its simplicity and excellent features. I specifically like HTML logging and pop3 failure email alerts. I now have it logging to my Intranet site which allows me to monitor the logs and statistics with ease and also be notified by email if the Pop connection goes down. Such clever thinking in such a small app - truly impressed, thanks.

  13. Anonymous Tue, 14 Oct. 2003 02:00

    Just downloaded, installed and configured, easy as!

    We've just installed this little free app and am very impressed. Easy to setup and its been working all day without a hitch. Thanks guys for the link!

  14. Jim Thompson Mon, 13 Oct. 2003 02:00

    awesome app

    This little app is truly awesome, does everything we need and more. We sell it to clients as part of their SBS package.

  15. Spike Santee Fri, 6 Sept. 2002 02:00

    Chimera ERC

    The program downloaded and installed without problem. It was very easy to configure. It seems like it's working like a charm. Good for small applications like mine.

    Spike Santee Dot Com, Inc.

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