Exchange POP3

Last Updated on 30 Jan. 2002, Company: Exchange POP3

Exchange POP3 is an email gateway that retrieves messages from all your Internet POP3 accounts and delivers them to your Microsoft Exchange users. It can handle an unlimited number of POP3 accounts. It compresses and sends large attachments as ZIP files and offers real-time message tracking & auditing.

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  1. Maxime Tue, 7 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Very nice product indeed, but a little bit pricy on a small scale...

    Works like a charm, does a really good job but lacks a few features like sorting message logs by sender, or by size... Also costs a fortune for Small and medium businesses with 10 employees or less... I mean, 5 accounts which is the smallest license available, is only half priced of an unlimited number of users... (249$ vs unlimited that is 500$). This product is also well protected against illegal copying (domain + order # encrypted in serial number which also contains numbers of users and time limit...). For bigger companies this is a must buy (I'd say between 25 and 250 POP accounts). If you have more accounts, start considering recieving your email by SMTP protocol on your server directly or maybe at worse outsourcing your exchange server.

  2. Paul Verheggen Wed, 3 Aug. 2005 02:00

    Exchange POP3 connector

    This product is simply perfect. Easy to install, configure and to monitor your exchange environment.

    And the costs? Well, nothing better then sit back and relax and let the exchange pop3 connector doing the work for you....

    PAQ Solutions

  3. Jim Fri, 11 June 2004 02:00

    expensive but good product

    costly but works well, i rate exchange pop3 and efs as my top pop3 downloaders.

  4. Carl Martins Fri, 14 May 2004 02:00

    Get the best and forget the rest....

    This is the most feature rich and rock solid product I have ever used. I tried the cheapo (German) versions and it doesn't come close to the features and stability. The best part is tech support is manned by a human and it's FREE. That was just icing on the cake.

  5. User Fri, 26 March 2004 01:00

    Very Good. Great Support

    This product works great. It may be a little pricy but it works great and the support it's great. They replied to my email 15 minutes after I sent it.


  6. Glenn Mon, 27 Oct. 2003 01:00

    Works like a charm

    The new version (5) is simple and solid. Event and error tracking is close to automatic. The new Rules feature stops lots of spam before it hits MS Exchange server. I mostly like it for trouble shooting and controlling email flow (I can turn off inbound email when the tape backup is running, if I want) Really clean.

  7. Anon Mon, 13 Oct. 2003 02:00

    Aye carumba! Too much $$$

    Products ok but far too costly. It really isnt worth all those dollars to do the job it does :-( Sorry!

  8. Dino Mon, 9 June 2003 02:00

    Nice Package but the COST...YIKES!!!

    Very nice package...very polished BUT I could buy the competitors packages 3-4 times over. If your a newbie with lots of CA$H then by all means, otherwise the rest of us can live without the wood grain and leather seats to get back and forth to work each day.

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