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Last Updated on 19 Jan. 2006, Company: Hexamail Ltd

POP3 Downloader offers real-time POP3 account downloading and forwarding to any email server supporting SMTP. Multiple 'fetch all' mail box support makes it perfect for gathering email from hosted POP3 mailboxes and pushing to your mailserver. 100% compatible with Microsoft Exchange server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. 100% compatible with ALL SMTP servers.

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  1. Chuck L Mon, 25 Sept. 2006 02:00

    Working very well

    We needed something basic but effective for our SBS 2003/Exchange setup. POP3 Downloader has filled the bill very nicely. Hexamail offered a free trial and answered the few questions I had faster than I expected. We bought it before the trial was over.

  2. Jeff Bullman Tue, 21 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Slick piece of software

    We found Hexamail Pop3 downloader was one of the only pop3 connectors to support SSL and 1 minute download schedules - so it suited us perfectly. No problems once we got it setup for our pop3 accounts.


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