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    LepideAuditor Suite – Exchange Server

    Auditing IT changes is not just an option, but a necessity. It not only helps you in staying complaint to regulations, but also ensures IT environment’s security. Exchange Server is widely deployed as enabler of enterprise communication, but is a bit complex to maintain and audit, given the various facets that it has. As an IT manager, if you can... Read More

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    PROMODAG Reports for Exchange

    Promodag Reports now supports Office 365, Hybrid and On-Premises environments. It provides you with control of your messaging systems whether it is in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Its comprehensive and versatile range of traffic analysis, message tracking and planning tools simplify and automate the process of managing email usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing the performance of mission-critical email systems... Read More

  3. ENow Mailscape

    The award-winning Mailscape simplifies Exchange and mobile device management by providing monitoring, reporting and administrative capabilities in a single, affordable solution. Mailscape installs in minutes, is easy to deploy and intuitive enough for the help desk to use. Optimize system performance, minimize costly downtime, and improve the level of service you provide to your end users. Manage your entire environment... Read More

  4. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange

    Netwrix Auditor for Exchange is a solution that provides comprehensive Exchange server auditing capabilities for strengthened security, streamlined compliance and optimized operations. It enables complete visibility into your Microsoft Exchange servers by monitoring and reporting all changes made to Exchange server configurations and permissions... Read More

  5. SMP for Public Folders

    The StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Public Folders is a solution providing end-to-end assessment, analysis, and remediation of Public Folder infrastructures. Proven effective in the largest Public Folder environments, SMP's built-in workflow components and business intelligence allow administrators to identify each folder's "Most Probable Owner" and communicate with them to obtain definitive sign-off regarding each folder's fate; in bulk. SMP... Read More

  6. StealthINTERCEPT for Exchange

    StealthINTERCEPT for Exchange monitors and controls access activities within Exchange in real time and alerts upon or feeds event data to other technologies like SIEM, so Exchange events can be analyzed and correlated with other events occurring across the network as a whole, all without any reliance on native logging facilities... Read More

  7. SMP for Exchange

    The StealthAUDIT Management Platform (SMP) for Exchange is designed to identify risk, track usage, decrease bloat, and secure Exchange by providing surgical insight into Access Rights, Mail Flow Metrics, Exchange Configuration, and more. Organizations of all sizes leverage StealthAUDIT® for Exchange to ensure and promote optimal Exchange performance, but with a greater degree of security, efficiency, and compliance than ever... Read More

  8. MailMeter

    MailMeter offers a suite of solutions to help reduce the size of your Exchange server mailboxes, eliminate PSTs and meet ediscovery requests. Our storage manager module will shrink your server by 80% overnight by stubbing out attachments, all clientless for the end user. An e-discovery capability allows you to meet compliance and litigation requests. The individual search comes with a... Read More

  9. MailMeter Insight

    MailMeter Insight is a robust Email Reporting and tracking solution that provides business intelligence into corporate email content and usage patterns, as well as the hidden interactions that place organizations at risk. With MailMeter Insight reports and charts, managers can quickly get access to employee patterns. MailMeter Insight has “drill-down” capabilities within each report. For every data field within each... Read More

  10. OmniAnalyser

    Hypersoft OmniAnalyser is a comprehensive metrics platform that delivers a homogeneous view of IT service quality and volume across multiple applications and technologies. Supported services include Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and many other common infrastructure services, such as directories, web, collaboration, perimeter services. Key business needs addressed by OmniAnalyser are control of availability and performance, business reporting of service level... Read More

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