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  1. Exchange Log Analyzer

    Exchange Log Analyzer (ELA) is a high performance tool for analyzing, charting and reporting on the message tracking logs that are generated by Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Log Analyzer was designed to be a small utility for use with Microsoft Exchange Server. Use it to quickly get an overview of how your email server... Read More

  2. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

    ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for MS Exchange, providing you a profound insight on your organization's Exchange infrastructure. This solution offers mail traffic statistics and analysis, mailbox size growth rate, server usage pattern, and other important data, using which an administrator can take informed decisions to optimize the efficiency of his organization's Exchange setup... Read More

  3. MailDetective

    MailDetective analyses mail server log files and provides the employer with detailed reports about private and business emails coming to and from the corporate network as well as traffic distribution by users and email addresses. You can instantly see the information about email use in the entire company, by particular employees or during specific time intervals. These reports have a... Read More

  4. Free Exchange Monitor

    Eliminate Exchange Server problems with this FREE Exchange Monitor download tool from SolarWinds. Continuously monitor Exchange and gain real-time insight into Exchange services, mail queue sizes, and host server health. Prevent performance issues before they impact users with built-in red, yellow, and green health indicators. Spot growing mail queues that can indicate bigger issues, like transport failures, Internet connection failures,... Read More

  5. bt-LogAnalyzer

    Burstek's newest Release of LogAnalyzer 7 focuses on functionality and performance. bt-LogAnalyzer 7, a diagnostic business intelligence tool, is designed to identify risks associated with your Internet security, employees, productivity and network resources. Easy to use and easy to manage, LA 7 can pin-point problem areas in time to take corrective action. Taking advantage of newer technologies including multi-core processors,... Read More

  6. Permessa Email Control! Express

    The award-winning Permessa Email Control! Express provides dozens of customizable reports for Exchange email tracking, service level management, capacity planning and more. These reports help you identify what is happening within your Microsoft Exchange environment and beyond so you can detect and respond to delivery issues and network bottlenecks before they impact users. It also enables you to understand the... Read More

  7. MAPILab Reports

    MAPILab Reports provides reports about the state of enterprise IT infrastructure, security audits, inventory of hardware and software, and preparation for migration and upgrade. The product's historical and statistical reports allow changes in infrastructure to be clearly presented and evaluated, so that accurate prognoses and relevant development plans can be made. Features: Agentless data collection, interactive reports, simplicity of implementation,... Read More

  8. eG monitor for Exchange

    The eG monitor for Exchange uses either an agent-based or an agentless approach. Administrators can monitor various aspects of the Exchange server's performance including the instantaneous occupancy of the different Exchange server queues, the access patterns of users, and the interaction of the Exchange server with the Active Directory. eG Enterprise's layer model representation provides a way to correlate the... Read More

  9. IMFStats

    IMFStats provides an insight into your Intelligent Mail Filter plugin for Microsoft Exchange 2003. IMFStats reports real time statistics, and also assists you in setting the IMF configuration for Gateway and Junk Email options... Read More

  10. eIQ MailAnalyzer

    MailAnalyzer is a real-time browser-based usage, analysis and reporting solution that allows Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and SendMail administrators and IT managers to understand, monitor, and track “who-what-when-where-how” of Microsoft Exchange Server(s). MailAnalyzer generates reports that provide usage data across enterprise wide exchange servers, including mail usage by user, message traffic patterns, delivery times, historical usage trends, charge back information,... Read More

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